Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sunchales July 1 2014...BAPTISM!


I don’t have too much time today, sorry it's a day late! Yesterday the elders came to Sunchales and we had P-day together. We played soccer for HOURSSS and now I'm super sore and have a huge goose egg and bruise on my shin. But I scored 5 goals (: So fun!!

Well, this week was SO successful and we saw so many miracles! We really were praying more specifically and focusing on completing our goals. We had 2 baptisms, Joana and Joel, and contacted 145 people, and taught 12 lessons. Which has NEVER happened in this area before! We really focused on having more faith in the Lord, and now I truly know that He will always fulfill His promises when we trust in Him and do what He asks of us.

The baptisms were so special! The font wouldn't fill up so our zone leaders filled up buckets from the kitchen and would walk back and forth filling it up from 1 PM to 6:30! They are the best!! Everyone arrived on time, we sang a medley of My Heavenly Father Loves Me and When I Am Baptized that I kind of threw together last week. It was so great! Their dad, Felipe baptized them. This whole family was inactive about 6 months ago and finally started coming back. They are progressing so much and really notice how much the blessings of the gospel change their lives. I love it! Their 7 year old son had a soccer game on Sunday so the mom and him were going to miss church and the confirmation, but they came anyways and I know that when we sacrifice to keep the Sabbath day holy, we are blessed so much more! I love how much this family is changing and being obedient. They are all so happy and you can really tell they are different and have a different light in their eyes. 

So we had a few funny moments this week as well, as always! One night we were soooo cold and were walking out on an old back road. We started quoting the Princess Bride when the old woman screams, ''BOO! Boo!!'' haha and then there were two little girls who saw us and ran away. We are never doing that again! haha One guy also told us he couldn't understand our language when we contacted him in SPANISH haha...he asked us if we were from Brasil. At least I was asked if I was latina (: We did celebrate Christmas and only sang Christmas songs all week. Happy, successful, growing, learning, memorious week!!

Happy Anniversary to the best parents in the WHOLE WORLD<3<3 Happy Birthday to my favorite Grammy<3 and hope you all have a great week! Have faith in the Lord because with Him all things are possible. Focus on the goals you set, and pray specifically, and He will fulfill the rest!

Con amor,

Hermana Moberly

Post futbol recovery


Lazy Bones

World Cup?


Baptismal font

Cookies for the baptism

Still good with the left foot :)

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