Monday, July 21, 2014

New Companion, Still Sunchales!

Holaaaa mis amigos!! (:
Well, this week was rough, miraculous,  long, short, and happy like always! I had to say goodbye to one of the greatest companions I have ever served with, Hermana Sanders ): We became such great friends, but we both felt like the changes were what needed to be. Heavenly Father always knows what He is doing.
Well, where to start? On Wednesday morning we had to wake up at 2:40 AM because the colectivo (bus) to Rosario left at 4:10...however, it didn't show up until 5! We were sitting outside freezing for an hour! But it finally showed up, and we left! Hermana Sanders got off in her new area and I kept going. I sat next to a man who talked to me the whole time! All four hours. I was so tired, but kept talking to him and shared a lot about the church with him. He lives in Rafaela, but said he would go to church there one Sunday.
So I got to Rosario and met my new companion!!!! Her name is Hermana Nelson and she is from American Fork, Utah!! She doesn't know the Cuillard’s or  Van’s, but did say Chase looks familiar, it's probably because she knows Chase Smith. Small world! (: But she is so great!! We get along great, are working hard, and she isn't afraid to speak in lessons! She speaks wayyyy better Spanish than I did when I first started my mission. She is so sweet and humble and already loves the people. But, just like every first week in the mission, something crazy happens! This time it wasn't a bug bite like Hermana Sanders haha. But we were almost eaten by a few stray dogs! One was so close to biting me and I just screamed ''FUERA'' which means something like go away haha and it just stopped and ran away, but a man jumped out of his car because he saw. And he took off his shoes and chucked it at the dog! Everyone on the street asked if we were okay, if it bit us, etc. But we are fine (: Great welcome to Argentina haha. 
We met one lady this week through contacting, and she invited us to lunch so that we could talk. That NEVER happens! She even bought us lunch at a restaurant and we talked about a lot of things. She believes in a lot of different beliefs from a bunch of different religions. But we gave her a Book of Mormon, and we will see how that goes! 
Jorgelina and Toto are back and we had President Quintana give her a blessing for her health. She is really trying to stop smoking, but we read James 2:17 with her. We can have faith and believe in God, but it really isn't faith if we don't act! Faith requires action and we must SHOW God that we believe in Him. This means reading our scriptures, going to church, keeping all the commandments, and doing everything on our part to be obedient. So they came to church, and we will see how they progress. 
We received a referral from a member, Hna. Sara, on Friday and she wanted to accompany us to a lesson with a lady from her work. She sent us the address, but the rule is we can't bring out our phones. So we went to the lesson and couldn't find the house!! We were walking up and down the street asking everyone if they knew her, but no luck! We couldn't find her, but luckily she understood and set up another appointment for this Saturday. She has a family and they all want to listen (:
Silvana and Elvira are progressing a lot! We taught them the Plan of Salvation on Friday and invited them to be baptized. They didn't want to accept at first because they want to respect the religion of their parents and grandparents, but we explained that they are also learning about the gospel right now, that after this life, if we don't have the opportunity to accept the true gospel, we learn about it then. We talked about the blessings of temples and baptisms for the dead. They then accepted to be baptized on August 9th and are preparing! (: The spirit was really strong with them and I think they really have desires to follow Christ more in their lives. 
Well, that’s about all that happened! We are working hard and looking for little miracles everyday so that we can see the hand of the Lord working with us. Doctrine and Covenants 84:88...the Lord and His angels are walking with us here in Sunchales (: Love you all so much!! Have a great week!!!

Hermana Moberly

Dinner with Hermana Sanders and Hno's Hohermuth
Last days with Hermana Sanders

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