Monday, February 24, 2014

Hola Todos from Sunchales!

Hola Hola!!!

Well, here I am in the middle of nowhere in a little pueblo called Sunchales (: I LOVE IT!!! It's a super nice city, but everything is so expensive so we basically live off of nothing. Our branch is chiquita chiquita (VERY SMALL!!!) Yesterday, there were 11 people there...including us and another set of missionaries. We are here in this area with an older couple who are from Switzerland and they are so sweet!!

There are so many great people here and we knock doors half the day trying to find new people. We are rejected soooo much, but it builds character and then when we find the good ones, I can't even explain the happiness we have.

IT RAINS LIKE CRAZY HERE!!! We have had a storm every day and one day we had to stay in for a few hours because we couldn't see or walk. The streets were rivers. But it’s super fun!

My companion, Hermana Arias is so awesome!!! She is from Lima, Peru and cooks SUPER good food! We get along great and are always tired in the mornings because we talk a lot at night telling each other stories and getting to know each other better. She is really a blessing, because she has only been out 3 months and has to teach me the area, but is such a great teacher so I really don't have to worry about anything! We teach great together and are always working hard.

We have really great investigators and one is getting baptized this Saturday!!! She really wants to be baptized, and so we have to go by every day this week to teach her everything haha, but it's worth it because we can really see her desires to change and follow Jesus Christ. 

SO MANY BUGS!! We literally kill flies all day long, we find dead cockroaches, then the ants come in to eat them, lots of fun (; But our apartment is the nicest in the mission, so not too much to complain about!

SO basically, I love this area, my companion, and being a missionary! Just like always! (: I hope you have a great week!

Love you<3<3
Hermana Moberly

Monday, February 17, 2014

Goodbye Echesortu, Hello Sunchales

Hola a todos! (:
          Wow! What a week! I feel like every week just flies by and I never can separate the days because it feels like one! But this week was an AMAZING last week in Echesortu! Unfortunately, I received a surprise call yesterday morning and today I am leaving for another area far far away in Sunchales. But I get to finish training a sister from Peru and we have LOTS of work to do!! We will be working in a super small branch, without a church building. But I heard it is beautiful and much less dangerous than the city I have been in (:
          But this last week I was able to learn and grow so much! Once again, the Lord really blessed us with miracles every day! We were able to invite two people to be baptized. One is a lady named Ruth who was taught by missionaries before and couldn’t find them again when she moved here! But we found her and she loves us so much! Her testimony is already super strong! We were also able to find two other new investigators, one from Haiti who is awesome and has so many questions about why we are here, where are we going after this life, and all that jazz! So awesome because guess what!? We have all the answers (:
          Unfortunately, I won't be able to update you on all of these amazing prepared people, but it’s okay because the Lord needs me in a new area now. Hermana Smith was such a blessing too. She helped me so much and we were able to work so well and hard together. We will be friends for forever. I will always look back on the time I had in Echesortu and remember how clearly we were being led by the Lord's hand. I have such a testimony that this is the Lord's work. We do nothing out here! I don't know how to help people with their problems because I am 20 and barely know anything about this life! But luckily, there is someone who knows. Luckily I represent the Lord Jesus Christ and I can purely testify of His healing power and love for each person individually so that they can receive the help and answers they need. I love this work!
         Sorry this is so short! I have to leave and travel for the next 6 hours. But just know that I know that this church is true and that as we open our mouths and share what we know with others, they will be able to feel of our love and the love their Heavenly Father has for them too. Have a great week! Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you so much for your love and prayers and support! Chao<3

Con amor,
Hermana Moberly
                                                         <3Goodbye to Hermana Smith<3

Monday, February 10, 2014

Echesortu Two Weeks In One

Hola Todos!
        I am so sorry about last week....lots happened! But Kassandra was progressing so much and she read everything we gave her, she organizes her family nights with her friends, she changed all of her clothes to be more modest, fed us really yummy Brazilian food, and we saw her basically every day!! (: Then last Saturday she was baptized!!! Last week we also got a new district leader, and the first night he called us, Hermana Smith was talking to him and burped so loud on the phone (; hahaha we couldn't finish the phone call because we were laughing so hard!! There were a few days where no one was home and so we walked, walked, walked, and walked. My feet have never been so sore!! Then, at 1:30 in the morning one night, Hermana Smith started talking to me in her sleep. I was so confused why she wanted to talk so early, but I just went along with it, then finally was so tired I looked at the phone and told her it was 1:30 and we needed to go to bed hahaha I love her (: She makes me laugh all the time!! Unfortunately though, we had a HUGE rainstorm on Sunday and so no one came to church ): But the rainstorms here are CRAZY!!!

Then this last week:

Mon.: Kassandra was interviewed and it was AMAZING!!! She walked in and the first thing she said was, ''I'm already living all the commandments (:'' Then we had a really amazing family night with Kassandra and another investigator called Guillermo. We talked about the Book of Mormon and all shared our favorite scriptures with him and testified of the power this book has had and still has in our lives. We also went bowling as a zone and it was super fun! But I was horrible and lost...

Tues.: We had an awesome district meeting about the atonement and how important it is to remember it every day. I was thinking about this a lot, especially as missionaries, we are here to help people have hope that they can change and become perfected through Christ. I also had the spiritual thought and shared Alma 49:14 about how Moroni focused on the weak cities first so that they could become strong. We need to do the same and strengthen the weak parts of our lives so that they are strong and Satan can't attack us and win.

 Wed.: Lots of great lessons, we ate with the Zacarias family and they showed us how they have soda fights by spraying soda at each other, taught a Jehovah's Witness and he listened and read Moroni 10:3-5, then there was a CRAZY STORM and we were visiting a recent convert named Delia. The storm scared her so much, so we just sang a hymn with her (:

 Fri.: We visited a new lady named Lisa, her daughter recently passed away, and wants to know where she is so we had a really powerful lesson with her! She invited us back this next Wednesday and we are going to teach her the plan of salvation! (:

Sat.: BAPTISM!!!! We went to go fill up the font and no one emptied the water from our last baptism....hahaha whoops!! So we had to drain it and then re-fill it again! STRESSFUL!!! But everything turned out great! The spirit was so strong and she was so happy!

Sun: We ate lunch with Kassandra and had donuts and we made German Pancakes!!!! (: So yummy...and healthy (;

 So we are doing a lot of work down here and it is the best! I love being a missionary and helping serve these people! They have so many problems that we don't understand or know how to help them, but luckily we represent someone who does. Jesus Christ knows us all perfectly and is the only one who will ever be able to heal us. Love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!! Keep smiling and being good examples to others! Be obedient<3

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Moberly