Monday, July 7, 2014


Hola a todos!! (:

I really don't have very much to say about this week, it flew by, and we didn't have very much success. After playing futbol with the elders, we couldn't walk because we were so sore haha. My leg is now purple and yellow and blue. Our week consisted of trying to contact people and visit people, but no one was home or had time to listen to us. And it is even worse with the World Cup going on. Everyone loses sight of the important things here in Sunchales. But they are a really awesome people. They want to listen to us, but never really make the time to. The both of us were sick for 2 days and couldn't leave the pench. I had the stomach flu and Hermana Sanders had a migraine. At least we have companionship unity and both get sick together (: Hna Hohermuth came over to take care of us and made us soup! She is the best!! They also went out and visited our appointments when we couldn't leave. 

Joana and Joel are learning to recognize the Spirit and tell us they still feel clean. We explained to them the importance of the sacrament each week so that they can be cleansed each week. I love the sacrament and have really learned how important it is. It is the most important thing we do each week, and why wouldn't we want to remember the Savior more in our lives and promise to follow Him more. Plus, we get the constant companionship of the Spirit if we are obedient. Heavenly Father loves us so much, and it's really sad to see that sometimes we don't take the time to show our love back for Him. 

This week we are going to meet our new mission President and I'm so excited! This is my third one on the mission, but he seems really awesome and inspired. 

We did have some really awesome lessons this week. One girl, Diana wants to come to church and is reading the Book of Mormon. Eliana finally prayed for the first time with us! And an old investigator, Sylvana, is golden! She really wants to come back and learn more. SO please keep them in your prayers! (: 

The weather here is FREEZING and I can't feel my fingers right now typing.  Some funny things that happened: we spied on our neighbors celebrating Argentina’s win because we couldn't go outside and celebrate ourselves. They didn’t catch us looking haha but we felt a little creepy. The whole city was outside our apartment for and hour and 5 minutes celebrating...can't wait to see what it's like next week!!

Well, one thing that I learned this week was in Alma 32: 28, and 40. I was studying faith and remembered how important it is to act. If faith is compared to a seed, it also cannot grow if we do not constantly nourish it. We need to continually focus on it, continually be obedient, and continually press forward so that it can grow and be stronger. So, this week, we should all focus more on the faith we do have and set goals for how we can help it continually nourish and grow.

Love you all so much! The mission is changing my life and I am so grateful to be doing the Lord's service! Have a great week!<3

Con amor,

Hermana Moberly

4th of July Outfits :)

Argentine Bread made by Cory

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