Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Heart Catholics

Hola mis amigos!!
This week was really hard, interesting, and long, but fun! So let's start with the rough. We passed by Jorgelina and Toto one day and Jorgelina was smoking ): Then the next day she told us she didn't have time for us the whole week and would let us know when we could stop by. It was weird because she is never like that. We finally went by on Friday and they said they were confused about everything and weren't ready to be baptized. We tried everything and just listened, but we are going to give them some time and see what happens. We just are going to be praying a lot for them to remember the spirit they felt and the answer they have already received. 
Monday we had dinner with Hnos Hohermuth and guess what we had???? You'll never guess. FISH JELLO!!! Hahaha it was the weirdest thing ever. She literally put tomatoes and herbs and fish in the jello and it was cold and slimy haha. Interesting...
We had a branch activity and Eliana and Joana came! Eliana is an investigator who goes to every activity but never to church. Joana is the inactive daughter of Jorgelina's son Felipe who is a member. Joana never would talk to us before and then at the activity we talked to her and now we are besties (: She even came to church on Sunday!! The activity was lots of fun. Pres Quintana played his guitar and we sang songs from all over Argentina. 
I had my one year mark, and so of course we made brownies and had ice cream. We bought a kilo of ice cream and then they gave us a half kilo free!!! (: BEST DAY EVER!! 
We had a lesson with Hna Quintana this week and taught Alma 7:11-12 and personalized it by having her read it with her name in there. Really the atonement is personal. Christ knows each and every one of us personally and knows exactly how to help us overcome whatever problem, heartache, or sin we may have within us. 
We also were fed by Hna Quintana's mom, Hna Sara on Friday and it was sooo yummy! We told her we tried to make a soup earlier in the week (which was water, milk, tomato sauce, carrots, onions, tomato, and some other random stuff we had…hahaha, it actually was good and we called it sopa de cosas- soup of things- haha) She told us next time we don't know how to make something, call her and she will come over and make us food haha
We contacted allll week this last week and found one super cute and interested family. That was probably the highlight of the week. We will see how that goes. We contacted 110 people this week and I think only 15 said we could come back. It's really hard here and the people don't want to listen, but we have hope and faith that what we are doing is helping plant seeds in these people's hearts. Yesterday was Independence day here so everyone was outside and partying.
Funny stories: The mannequins in the windows are super creepy looking, the dogs here have stripes so we call them tiger dogs, we have been killing scorpions in our pench which is fun...NOT, the kids have uniforms for school where they have to wear white jackets that look like doctor coats. Just some fun facts about Argentina (:

I'm still LOVING it and am so happy every day! I love talking to people about Jesus Christ and how he can help them with whatever problem they may be having. Honestly, we do nothing and as long as we have the spirit, we can do anything. We'll just be patient and keep praying for hearts to be softened. Love you all so much and hope you have a great week! Be obedient and smile<3

Hermana Moberly

Monday, May 19, 2014

Dog Gone It, Gun Shots, Bombs, and Riots

Hola Mis amigos!! (:
Can't believe I've already been out for a year! Time flies by, but I can't wait to work even harder these next couple weeks!!

We had to travel a lot again this week, so we didn't have too much time here in Sunchales, but hopefully this next week we can stay here the whole time! Tuesday, we went to San Cristobal and had a district meeting all about obedience and diligence which was really great. Honestly, obedience means happiness, and if we want to be happy and enjoy all of God's blessings, we should do all we can to be exactly obedient. Sometimes we learn that the hard way, but we can always start over and try again because of Christ and His atonement. Me and Hna Sanders are choosing a scripture for each week to help motivate us and this week it is Jacob 1:19 ''And we did magnify our office unto the Lord, taking upon us the responsibility, answering the sins of the people upon our own heads if we did not teach them the word of God with all diligence...'' We really need to share the gospel with everyone we see and know, and so this week we are going to do better at contacting with everyone that we see. 
We had to go to Rosario on Wednesday and Thursday for tramites (processing?), so we left weds night and then slept in Roldán (where I was for Christmas!), then woke up at 5 on Thurs to get to the mission home. We did fingerprints in the office building, and I had to do another FBI thing because it had been a year since the last time I did it, and then they told us, we didn't need to do the rest until a different day, so we have to go back again in the next few weeks haha. So we went there for fingerprints...
We had a family night with the Cauda family (Jorgelina's son who is a member). His son isn't baptized so we are working on teaching him and he's so cute and fun! He loves the Book of Mormon and we went over and taught the Restoration and reenacted it with them, Hna Sanders used my flashlight and was the pillar of light haha (:
Jorgelina and Toto are doing great! She hasn't been smoking so we are still praying and visiting them so much to help her. 
We have a inactive lady, named Carmen, who is awesome!!! She is really intimidating when you first see her, but is super sweet and she loves when we visit her. BUT SHE IS SO STUBBORN!! Haha she won't come to church or read or pray until she feels the...ganas( I can’t remember the word in English anymore...I think it's something like desires) to do it. So we are slowly working with her so she will come back because we need her!
We contacted a man named Diego Saturday night and invited him to church and he came! But he is a little sketchy and told me in the middle of sacrament meeting that his dad and him do satanic rituals with animals. He left right after my talk so we didn't get to talk to him too much. We will see what happens haha. But I gave a talk on the importance of following the promptings of the spirit and how to recognize them when they come. Honestly, I didn't really understand this until my mission. But the Holy Ghost is so critical for all of us. After baptism, we receive this gift to guide, direct, prompt, and comfort us. What more could we need or want!? It is hard to first recognize, but I've learned that the Spirit is just like my own thoughts and feelings, if it is good, we should act upon it, if not, don't do it. It's really simple and I think we all try to push those feelings aside, when we really need to immediately act upon them because they come from our loving Heavenly Father.
We contacted out in barrio 9 again and it took 1 hr 30 min to get there. NO ONE WAS HOME!! We were chased and almost attacked by dogs 3 times, but one dog followed us the whole time and protected us. We named him Trifector (: haha
Last night we made a cake(...fail!!) for the twins because it was their birthday. There was a soccer game last night and when we left to go home everyone was outside and in their cars honking and we had to literally walk all the way around the middle of the city to get home. People were throwing these loud bombs and shooting guns and rioting. So it was fun and if I weren't a missionary I would have totally joined in haha. But I can't wait to see what happens when we get farther into the world cup. All I can say is that I'm glad I'm not in Rosario anymore. 
But that was our week. We got a lot done and worked really hard when we were actually here. But I've learned a lot in just being happy with what time we get to actually preach and talk to people. This week was hard, but we met a lot of great people, and I am so grateful for the time I have to be a representative of Jesus Christ and help people find the truth here in Sunchales. Hope you have a great week! 
Love you tons<3
Hermana Moberly

Popcorn Like Papa Used to Make
Cake Mustache

Cool Argentine Sky
Cigarette's Given Up by an Investigator

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hola from Sunchales, Argentina

 Hola Mis amigos! (:

Hmm...this week flew by, like usual. And I was barely even in my area, so I don't have very many stories to tell you all... but here it goes!

Mon: We were in Rafaela (40 mins away) with our zone for a special p'day and watched ''Rise of the Guardians''...amazing! But it was in Spanish so it's probably even funnier in English. We slept in Rafaela with the sisters there, but on the floor. We had to wake up early Tuesday to go to Paraná, so the whole night I barely slept worried that our alarm wasn't going to go off like last time...

Tues: We were in Paraná for the morning, slept the whole way there, had a great meeting with all the other leaders and new missionaries, then spent some time in Santa Fe waiting for our bus to leave, so our zone went and walked around the mall. We found LOS ANGELES written on the wall, so obviously, we had to stop and take a picture (: LA BABYYY. We got home at 9:15, so didn't do anything that day.

Wed: We saw Jorgelina and Toto and had an awesome lesson with them. I asked her how her smoking was doing, and she said she was still doing it, so Hna. Sanders told her to give her her cigarettes haha. She actually gave them to us and we promised her that if she came to church on Sunday, she wouldn't feel the desire to smoke anymore! It was a really powerful lesson.

Thurs: We saw Jorgelina and Toto again and taught them about covenants, and they totally understood the importance of them and how they are essential to living in God's kingdom again. We also visited with a member, Hna. Sara and she fed us really yummy pizza! (: Her son is a returned missionary and is in-active, so we are going to try and become friends with him!

Fri: We went to Rafaela again for interviews with Pres. Giuliani and that was really awesome. On the way it takes about 20 mins to walk from the terminal, or 3 minutes in a taxi, so we thought...''Hmm, chocolate shake or taxi?'' Obviously we chose the chocolate shake and decided to walk to the church building! But President asked me a lot of questions about the work here in Sunchales, and all I could tell him was that I am praying for a lot of strength and guidance so that we can find people who actually want to listen to us. That night we had another lesson with Jorgelina and Toto about diligence and then invited them to be baptized and they accepted!!! (: They are preparing for 31 May, so keep them in your prayers por favor (:

Sat: It rained a ton this day, and we contacted a lot of great people. One lady let us in because she felt bad we were outside. We began teaching the Restoration and half way through she asked us if we were Catholics, we said no, and then we finished the lesson awkwardly, and when we asked if we could come back she said no...so we kept working haha. Everyone thinks we are Catholic nuns... but we are not (: 

Dom: We had church and 16 PEOPLE CAME!! (: Jorgelina and Toto were there too and they loved it! Then I got to skype home and it was the perfect day! Happy Mother's day to everyone!

So the week went pretty well, I'm happy with what we could do! No funny stories, but just know that me and Hna. Sanders have so much fun and she is one of the craziest, funniest, and best companions I've had so far! Love you all so much!! Have a great week<3<3

Hermana Moberly

Monday, May 5, 2014

Wellll....What a Week!

Hola !!

This week was pretty rough...but we made it through!!! It started out great and our whole district came to Sunchales and we contacted. One guy accepted a baptismal date right then! His name is Jonathan and we are going to work with him some more!

So many crazy things happened this week. We both got fevers Tuesday night, Hna Sanders got the stomach flu so we stayed in. Wednesday we went out in the morning and it POURED on us, which made us being sick even worse, but the night was great. We went over to Jorgelina and Toto’s and stressed the importance of praying for the truth and to receive an answer before just completely dropping us. We went over Thursday morning and Jorgelina told us she prayed and she knows it’s true!! MIRACLE! We have been working so hard with them and she finally prayed to know. That's really our whole invitation to people. Pray with sincerity to know if our message is true or not, and if they then know it is true, act on that faith and come closer to Christ. So we did service for them and folded their laundry, underwear and all hahaha. Then they surprised us with an asado!!!!! (Argentine bbq) so good! I didn't even like meat before my mission and now it’s the best thing ever!

So we finished the day great, but in the night Hna Sanders' eye starts to hurt and swell up pretty big. She took a Benadryl and we go to bed. Friday morning. I look over and just am appalled. HER EYE IS HUGE AND CLOSED SHUT!!! I've never seen anything like it and am trying to stay calm not to freak her out. She has this cut on her eyebrow and literally couldn’t open her eye hahaha I have pictures (: So we call the mission mom and she sees pictures and says it’s a spider bite. She has to stay on Ibuprofen and keep a heated cloth on it for 2 days. We couldn’t do anything but it's finally a little better. It was the weirdest thing!! I felt so bad for her, but couldn’t help but be glad it wasn't me...maybe something will happen to me in the week to come to humble me. Bring it on!...knock on wood haha.

So, I actually went out Sat morning with a member to visit some people, which was good. Sunday we went to church and both bore our testimonies about trials. We actually learned a lot about 1 Nephi 8 about the tree of life and the importance it really is to stick to the truth and never lose sight on the importance of the word of God and reading our scriptures every day. It's vital to our salvation and our souls and spirits really NEED that spiritual food every day. SO READ YOUR SCRIPTURES! (:

This next week we are traveling until Wed night! Today we are in Rafaela for pday and one meeting, tomorrow we are going to Parana for another training meeting, and then have visa stuff to do on Wednesday in Rosario! Crazy week! But so fun to travel! Love you all a ton and miss you like crazy! So excited to skype home and see the fam bam again! Make good choices and trust in the lord with all your heart!<3 I'll pray for you if you pray for me (;

Con amor,

Hna Moberly<3