Monday, June 23, 2014

Merry Christmas :)


Well, we decided that since it is cold here and it's more like December back home, we would celebrate Christmas again! So Merry Christmas from Argentina (: This week was really successful and miraculous, but flew by! I don't have too much to tell, but a few great stories. On Tuesday, we visited with Joana (14 yrs old) because she said she had a few doubts about baptism and didn't understand why it was important. So we prayed and prepared a lot and I have such a testimony now that if we do our part in preparing, the spirit will guide us in whatever way we need to go in a lesson. We shared Alma7:14-15 and talked about how baptism is a way to follow Christ more fully in our lives, and to receive a remission of our sins. That was really important for Joana. We knelt down with her, she prayed to know if the church was true and if she should be baptized, and then we waited. After 3 minutes, she said, okay I still have a few questions, but I know that this is true and if I have faith, everything will be okay. It was the most spiritual and rewarding lesson I have had my whole mission. We were all girls always are...and then we ate brownies haha. But Joana and her 11 year old brother, Joel are now all ready for their baptism this Saturday and are so excited!! Their parents are members and they want to go to the temple later this year to be sealed as a family for eternity!<3 Even though this area has been really hard, this week has made up for all the challenges. Heavenly Father really does answer our prayers, and when we are patient, He will always bless us for our sacrifices and trials. We also had lunch with Hna. Sara this week and finally her inactive son, Diego sat down with us!! He served a mission in Chile, and he came home and a few months after stopped coming to church. But on Thursday, he ate lunch with us and showed us mission pictures and we had a really great time! Then right before we left, we felt like we should sing ''Nearer My God to Thee'' and he sang with us. He loves music and it was a really great experience as well!! We had a district activity in Rafaela Friday, and Familia Cauda(Joana y Joel) went with us. We learned an Argentine dance called ''el gato'' and ate lotssssss of food (: Saturday we had two lunches, one asado, and I still feel full haha. Lots of good things are happening here in Sunchales, and we are working really hard to find new people. We had a few other miracle lessons and are going to pass by them again this week to see if they are reading and praying. The spirit is really working on the hearts of these people, so we are just praying that they will listen and follow through. The spirit testifies of all truth and when we listen and follow the promptings or feelings we receive, we will never be misguided. Love you all so much and hope you have a great week! Enjoy the summer!!

Con MUCHO amor,

Hermana Moberly<3
Hermana Moberly and Sanders Sunchales June 2014
Argentine Folkloric Dancers Sunchales June 2014

Branch Piano and Fans

Activity Days Girls Sunchales June 2014

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