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This week has been crazy. I still can't tell if it flew by or took forever to end. But we were able to accomplish so much and witness a million and one miracles!!!

First, last Monday for P'day we were in San Cristobal with our district of elders. We played soccer like always and I got hit in the face with the ball...I swear my nose is a target. Don't worry, it didn't break again! (: We played in the campo and were surrounded by cows. It was the closest I've ever been to a wild animal haha...not that they are that wild. 

So, I'll give you an update on all of the miracles that happened!
We were able to finally have lessons with members accompanying us this week, we had four! It is the most I have ever had here while being in Sunchales. They are starting to really recognize that they are an essential part to the investigators' progression. Two of them were referrals from Hna. Sara. She took us to some of her friends and we were able to teach them. One is a family and we are going to pass by again this week when they are all there. The other is a lady named Silvina. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she was so happy she kissed my companion on the cheek about 500 times and then almost started crying! It was a really cool and funny experience (: but that's how we should all feel when we receive or read the Book of Mormon! It's just that special and a lot of times we don't really recognize that. We found 9 new people, and most of them are families!
One family, Familia Roja, are Catholics and practice their religion, but one of the daughters has a friend from another city who just got back from her mission in Mexico. So she already knows a lot about the church and said their family has something different. We are going to help them realize that it is the gospel and that their family can have that same blessing in their home. The other family, we call them Familia Galletas (cookies) because we don't know their last name. We were walking to try one last contact before heading home the other night. It was freezing and I was STARVING! We walked past this one house. I really felt like we should knock, but kept walking a few feet and then stopped. I told Hna. Nelson we needed to go back and knock on that house, so we went and then a lady answered. She let us in and then gave us cookies and something hot to drink..miracle already! But then we started talking to them about the mission and our message, and they were so interested. We gave them a Book of Mormon and they invited us to come back later this week. I'm so grateful I repented and listened to the spirit. It always guides us and knows way better than we do. Then, last night we found another family!!! Carolina and Pablo are the parents and they have 2 daughters. They let us in and had so many questions for us. We asked if they had anything they were looking for in life or if they had a question they couldn't find an answer too. Carolina said she feels like everyone has a purpose in life, but she can't find hers. Then Pablo said, ''We are Catholic, but my whole life I have wondered if it really is the true church, then why are there so many other churches who teach truths too. Shouldn't there be one truth if there is one doctrine in the Bible?'' haha We just smiled at each other and told them our message answers both of their questions. They are amazing!!! We taught the restoration last night and are going back on Friday to answer more of their questions. I feel like finally all of our hard work and labors are finally receiving the blessings. We also taught Rosana, who went to church last week, and she told us she had been praying to feel something different, and then ever since church last week she has felt more peace and fullness in her heart. We taught her the restoration also, and she is praying to know whether she should be baptized. She is awesome and so quick to recognize the spirit. 
I love being a missionary!! There are so many blessings when we share the gospel, listen to the Spirit, and serve others out of love. Me and Hermana Nelson were talking this morning about how really, all of the gospel relates back to love, agency, and obedience. God loves us, so He created a perfect plan for us. Because He loves us, He also gave us agency, the ability to choose for ourselves. If we love Him, we are going to use our agency in choosing to be obedient. And then once again, because He loves us, He blesses us when we obey Him. The whole gospel is such a blessing. Why shouldn't we share it with others?!
Fun thing for the week: Hna Cauda taught us how to make homemade empanadas on Saturday and we made so many!!! But they were so yummy! I only ate 5 at their house, but she gave us some leftovers and later that night I ate 4 more...haha I'm such a pig! But we walk all day long so I feel like I work it all off (;
Me and my companion are doing great and get along perfectly! She is a great teacher and is learning everything super quickly! We are finally getting to the ''I can be crazy around you'' stage (: She is fun. 
Love you all so much!! Hope you enjoy the sun because I'm definitely waiting impatiently for summer once again (:
Con MUCHO amor,
Hermana Moberly<3

Me and the Hermana Nelson

Our Crazy Selves

Meeting Hna Nelson with President and Hna Zanni

On the Train Tracks

Our District on the Tracks.

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