Tuesday, July 15, 2014

First the Worst, Second the BEST!!!

July 15, 2014

Welll....we didn't win the world cup, but first the worst, second the best, right?? (; 

We actually had permission to watch the game on Sunday, so we went over to Familia Cauda's and watched it with them!! They played really good and that goal by Germany was AMAZING!! But enough about things of the world haha...

This week flew by, but I feel like they all do! Monday we were in Rafaela with the zone and watched a movie called ''Turbo'' about a snail and race cars..haha it was weird! But then we played fútbol for 4 hours (: Then we slept there Monday night and went to Santa Fe on Tuesday to meet President Zanni and his family. THEY ARE AWESOME!! We had a 3 hour meeting together, and then I got to have an interview with him. It was supposed to be for BYU, but we both didn't know what to do, so it was just a normal interview. He is inspired and called of God. They are all so nice!

Then I worked here in Sunchales Wednesday and Thursday, contacted, taught a few lessons, walked a lot. Normal stuff. Then Friday and Saturday I went to Paraná for divisiones. I was with Hna. Rasband, who was actually in Justin's BYU ward. Small world. We had a great time together, and Hna. Sanders, here in Sunchales, had a million and one miracles! She taught all the lessons, she programmed Cecilia Villareal for baptism on August 9th, saw Jorgelina and Toto again, and had 2 member present lessons!! She did so great! She has grown and learned so much. I love her. She is leaving Sunchales this transfer and I'm going to miss her a lot! But she is staying in our same zone, so at least we get to see each other every month still!! AND....I'm training again! I can't believe it! Luckily, Hna. Sanders was the easiest person to train ever! I'm excited to meet my comp tomorrow. I get to go back to Rosario at 4 AM tomorrow morning! Fun stuff (: 

I'm glad the World Cup is over because the people are willing to listen to us again. Their hearts are softening and we are being able to teach more lessons! Last week we taught 11 lessons! We had 14 people at church, and things are looking brighter. It helps me remember that with faith and patience, the Lord can do all things. 

This week I was rereading a conference talk to the women. I think it was Sister Reeves, who talked about the Provo Tabernacle burning down. She said that when it burned, so many people wondered why God would let something like that happen. But then 10 months later, President Monson announced that it would become a temple. She compares it to ourselves. When we go through trials, we also burn inside. Sometimes we ask why is this happening to me? or why couldn't God prevent this? But really, he lets us burn and become purified, so that después (after) we can become holy temples where the Spirit can dwell within us. He will never leave us in the ashes. We just need to trust in Him and let Him mold us to become perfect. I loved that! It makes you think of how we react in times of trial or persecution. Something to think about (:

No news on anyone right now, I was barely here this week. But pray for them, because no one understands the importance of coming to church. That is our trial right now. We pass by in the mornings and remind them, but still they aren't getting it. With a little more time, they will (:

I love you all so much! Have a great week and let Christ and Heavenly Father mold you to become holy and pure temples!<3

Hermana Moberly

Hermana Sanders Finished Training!
Hermana Sanders, Hermana Moberly, Elder Cruz
After the World Cup Semifinal Victory
Yummy Food From Hnos Hohermuth

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