Monday, July 28, 2014



This week has been crazy. I still can't tell if it flew by or took forever to end. But we were able to accomplish so much and witness a million and one miracles!!!

First, last Monday for P'day we were in San Cristobal with our district of elders. We played soccer like always and I got hit in the face with the ball...I swear my nose is a target. Don't worry, it didn't break again! (: We played in the campo and were surrounded by cows. It was the closest I've ever been to a wild animal haha...not that they are that wild. 

So, I'll give you an update on all of the miracles that happened!
We were able to finally have lessons with members accompanying us this week, we had four! It is the most I have ever had here while being in Sunchales. They are starting to really recognize that they are an essential part to the investigators' progression. Two of them were referrals from Hna. Sara. She took us to some of her friends and we were able to teach them. One is a family and we are going to pass by again this week when they are all there. The other is a lady named Silvina. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she was so happy she kissed my companion on the cheek about 500 times and then almost started crying! It was a really cool and funny experience (: but that's how we should all feel when we receive or read the Book of Mormon! It's just that special and a lot of times we don't really recognize that. We found 9 new people, and most of them are families!
One family, Familia Roja, are Catholics and practice their religion, but one of the daughters has a friend from another city who just got back from her mission in Mexico. So she already knows a lot about the church and said their family has something different. We are going to help them realize that it is the gospel and that their family can have that same blessing in their home. The other family, we call them Familia Galletas (cookies) because we don't know their last name. We were walking to try one last contact before heading home the other night. It was freezing and I was STARVING! We walked past this one house. I really felt like we should knock, but kept walking a few feet and then stopped. I told Hna. Nelson we needed to go back and knock on that house, so we went and then a lady answered. She let us in and then gave us cookies and something hot to drink..miracle already! But then we started talking to them about the mission and our message, and they were so interested. We gave them a Book of Mormon and they invited us to come back later this week. I'm so grateful I repented and listened to the spirit. It always guides us and knows way better than we do. Then, last night we found another family!!! Carolina and Pablo are the parents and they have 2 daughters. They let us in and had so many questions for us. We asked if they had anything they were looking for in life or if they had a question they couldn't find an answer too. Carolina said she feels like everyone has a purpose in life, but she can't find hers. Then Pablo said, ''We are Catholic, but my whole life I have wondered if it really is the true church, then why are there so many other churches who teach truths too. Shouldn't there be one truth if there is one doctrine in the Bible?'' haha We just smiled at each other and told them our message answers both of their questions. They are amazing!!! We taught the restoration last night and are going back on Friday to answer more of their questions. I feel like finally all of our hard work and labors are finally receiving the blessings. We also taught Rosana, who went to church last week, and she told us she had been praying to feel something different, and then ever since church last week she has felt more peace and fullness in her heart. We taught her the restoration also, and she is praying to know whether she should be baptized. She is awesome and so quick to recognize the spirit. 
I love being a missionary!! There are so many blessings when we share the gospel, listen to the Spirit, and serve others out of love. Me and Hermana Nelson were talking this morning about how really, all of the gospel relates back to love, agency, and obedience. God loves us, so He created a perfect plan for us. Because He loves us, He also gave us agency, the ability to choose for ourselves. If we love Him, we are going to use our agency in choosing to be obedient. And then once again, because He loves us, He blesses us when we obey Him. The whole gospel is such a blessing. Why shouldn't we share it with others?!
Fun thing for the week: Hna Cauda taught us how to make homemade empanadas on Saturday and we made so many!!! But they were so yummy! I only ate 5 at their house, but she gave us some leftovers and later that night I ate 4 more...haha I'm such a pig! But we walk all day long so I feel like I work it all off (;
Me and my companion are doing great and get along perfectly! She is a great teacher and is learning everything super quickly! We are finally getting to the ''I can be crazy around you'' stage (: She is fun. 
Love you all so much!! Hope you enjoy the sun because I'm definitely waiting impatiently for summer once again (:
Con MUCHO amor,
Hermana Moberly<3

Me and the Hermana Nelson

Our Crazy Selves

Meeting Hna Nelson with President and Hna Zanni

On the Train Tracks

Our District on the Tracks.

Monday, July 21, 2014

New Companion, Still Sunchales!

Holaaaa mis amigos!! (:
Well, this week was rough, miraculous,  long, short, and happy like always! I had to say goodbye to one of the greatest companions I have ever served with, Hermana Sanders ): We became such great friends, but we both felt like the changes were what needed to be. Heavenly Father always knows what He is doing.
Well, where to start? On Wednesday morning we had to wake up at 2:40 AM because the colectivo (bus) to Rosario left at 4:10...however, it didn't show up until 5! We were sitting outside freezing for an hour! But it finally showed up, and we left! Hermana Sanders got off in her new area and I kept going. I sat next to a man who talked to me the whole time! All four hours. I was so tired, but kept talking to him and shared a lot about the church with him. He lives in Rafaela, but said he would go to church there one Sunday.
So I got to Rosario and met my new companion!!!! Her name is Hermana Nelson and she is from American Fork, Utah!! She doesn't know the Cuillard’s or  Van’s, but did say Chase looks familiar, it's probably because she knows Chase Smith. Small world! (: But she is so great!! We get along great, are working hard, and she isn't afraid to speak in lessons! She speaks wayyyy better Spanish than I did when I first started my mission. She is so sweet and humble and already loves the people. But, just like every first week in the mission, something crazy happens! This time it wasn't a bug bite like Hermana Sanders haha. But we were almost eaten by a few stray dogs! One was so close to biting me and I just screamed ''FUERA'' which means something like go away haha and it just stopped and ran away, but a man jumped out of his car because he saw. And he took off his shoes and chucked it at the dog! Everyone on the street asked if we were okay, if it bit us, etc. But we are fine (: Great welcome to Argentina haha. 
We met one lady this week through contacting, and she invited us to lunch so that we could talk. That NEVER happens! She even bought us lunch at a restaurant and we talked about a lot of things. She believes in a lot of different beliefs from a bunch of different religions. But we gave her a Book of Mormon, and we will see how that goes! 
Jorgelina and Toto are back and we had President Quintana give her a blessing for her health. She is really trying to stop smoking, but we read James 2:17 with her. We can have faith and believe in God, but it really isn't faith if we don't act! Faith requires action and we must SHOW God that we believe in Him. This means reading our scriptures, going to church, keeping all the commandments, and doing everything on our part to be obedient. So they came to church, and we will see how they progress. 
We received a referral from a member, Hna. Sara, on Friday and she wanted to accompany us to a lesson with a lady from her work. She sent us the address, but the rule is we can't bring out our phones. So we went to the lesson and couldn't find the house!! We were walking up and down the street asking everyone if they knew her, but no luck! We couldn't find her, but luckily she understood and set up another appointment for this Saturday. She has a family and they all want to listen (:
Silvana and Elvira are progressing a lot! We taught them the Plan of Salvation on Friday and invited them to be baptized. They didn't want to accept at first because they want to respect the religion of their parents and grandparents, but we explained that they are also learning about the gospel right now, that after this life, if we don't have the opportunity to accept the true gospel, we learn about it then. We talked about the blessings of temples and baptisms for the dead. They then accepted to be baptized on August 9th and are preparing! (: The spirit was really strong with them and I think they really have desires to follow Christ more in their lives. 
Well, that’s about all that happened! We are working hard and looking for little miracles everyday so that we can see the hand of the Lord working with us. Doctrine and Covenants 84:88...the Lord and His angels are walking with us here in Sunchales (: Love you all so much!! Have a great week!!!

Hermana Moberly

Dinner with Hermana Sanders and Hno's Hohermuth
Last days with Hermana Sanders

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

First the Worst, Second the BEST!!!

July 15, 2014

Welll....we didn't win the world cup, but first the worst, second the best, right?? (; 

We actually had permission to watch the game on Sunday, so we went over to Familia Cauda's and watched it with them!! They played really good and that goal by Germany was AMAZING!! But enough about things of the world haha...

This week flew by, but I feel like they all do! Monday we were in Rafaela with the zone and watched a movie called ''Turbo'' about a snail and race cars..haha it was weird! But then we played fútbol for 4 hours (: Then we slept there Monday night and went to Santa Fe on Tuesday to meet President Zanni and his family. THEY ARE AWESOME!! We had a 3 hour meeting together, and then I got to have an interview with him. It was supposed to be for BYU, but we both didn't know what to do, so it was just a normal interview. He is inspired and called of God. They are all so nice!

Then I worked here in Sunchales Wednesday and Thursday, contacted, taught a few lessons, walked a lot. Normal stuff. Then Friday and Saturday I went to Paraná for divisiones. I was with Hna. Rasband, who was actually in Justin's BYU ward. Small world. We had a great time together, and Hna. Sanders, here in Sunchales, had a million and one miracles! She taught all the lessons, she programmed Cecilia Villareal for baptism on August 9th, saw Jorgelina and Toto again, and had 2 member present lessons!! She did so great! She has grown and learned so much. I love her. She is leaving Sunchales this transfer and I'm going to miss her a lot! But she is staying in our same zone, so at least we get to see each other every month still!! AND....I'm training again! I can't believe it! Luckily, Hna. Sanders was the easiest person to train ever! I'm excited to meet my comp tomorrow. I get to go back to Rosario at 4 AM tomorrow morning! Fun stuff (: 

I'm glad the World Cup is over because the people are willing to listen to us again. Their hearts are softening and we are being able to teach more lessons! Last week we taught 11 lessons! We had 14 people at church, and things are looking brighter. It helps me remember that with faith and patience, the Lord can do all things. 

This week I was rereading a conference talk to the women. I think it was Sister Reeves, who talked about the Provo Tabernacle burning down. She said that when it burned, so many people wondered why God would let something like that happen. But then 10 months later, President Monson announced that it would become a temple. She compares it to ourselves. When we go through trials, we also burn inside. Sometimes we ask why is this happening to me? or why couldn't God prevent this? But really, he lets us burn and become purified, so that después (after) we can become holy temples where the Spirit can dwell within us. He will never leave us in the ashes. We just need to trust in Him and let Him mold us to become perfect. I loved that! It makes you think of how we react in times of trial or persecution. Something to think about (:

No news on anyone right now, I was barely here this week. But pray for them, because no one understands the importance of coming to church. That is our trial right now. We pass by in the mornings and remind them, but still they aren't getting it. With a little more time, they will (:

I love you all so much! Have a great week and let Christ and Heavenly Father mold you to become holy and pure temples!<3

Hermana Moberly

Hermana Sanders Finished Training!
Hermana Sanders, Hermana Moberly, Elder Cruz
After the World Cup Semifinal Victory
Yummy Food From Hnos Hohermuth

Monday, July 7, 2014


Hola a todos!! (:

I really don't have very much to say about this week, it flew by, and we didn't have very much success. After playing futbol with the elders, we couldn't walk because we were so sore haha. My leg is now purple and yellow and blue. Our week consisted of trying to contact people and visit people, but no one was home or had time to listen to us. And it is even worse with the World Cup going on. Everyone loses sight of the important things here in Sunchales. But they are a really awesome people. They want to listen to us, but never really make the time to. The both of us were sick for 2 days and couldn't leave the pench. I had the stomach flu and Hermana Sanders had a migraine. At least we have companionship unity and both get sick together (: Hna Hohermuth came over to take care of us and made us soup! She is the best!! They also went out and visited our appointments when we couldn't leave. 

Joana and Joel are learning to recognize the Spirit and tell us they still feel clean. We explained to them the importance of the sacrament each week so that they can be cleansed each week. I love the sacrament and have really learned how important it is. It is the most important thing we do each week, and why wouldn't we want to remember the Savior more in our lives and promise to follow Him more. Plus, we get the constant companionship of the Spirit if we are obedient. Heavenly Father loves us so much, and it's really sad to see that sometimes we don't take the time to show our love back for Him. 

This week we are going to meet our new mission President and I'm so excited! This is my third one on the mission, but he seems really awesome and inspired. 

We did have some really awesome lessons this week. One girl, Diana wants to come to church and is reading the Book of Mormon. Eliana finally prayed for the first time with us! And an old investigator, Sylvana, is golden! She really wants to come back and learn more. SO please keep them in your prayers! (: 

The weather here is FREEZING and I can't feel my fingers right now typing.  Some funny things that happened: we spied on our neighbors celebrating Argentina’s win because we couldn't go outside and celebrate ourselves. They didn’t catch us looking haha but we felt a little creepy. The whole city was outside our apartment for and hour and 5 minutes celebrating...can't wait to see what it's like next week!!

Well, one thing that I learned this week was in Alma 32: 28, and 40. I was studying faith and remembered how important it is to act. If faith is compared to a seed, it also cannot grow if we do not constantly nourish it. We need to continually focus on it, continually be obedient, and continually press forward so that it can grow and be stronger. So, this week, we should all focus more on the faith we do have and set goals for how we can help it continually nourish and grow.

Love you all so much! The mission is changing my life and I am so grateful to be doing the Lord's service! Have a great week!<3

Con amor,

Hermana Moberly

4th of July Outfits :)

Argentine Bread made by Cory

Little Masitas

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sunchales July 1 2014...BAPTISM!


I don’t have too much time today, sorry it's a day late! Yesterday the elders came to Sunchales and we had P-day together. We played soccer for HOURSSS and now I'm super sore and have a huge goose egg and bruise on my shin. But I scored 5 goals (: So fun!!

Well, this week was SO successful and we saw so many miracles! We really were praying more specifically and focusing on completing our goals. We had 2 baptisms, Joana and Joel, and contacted 145 people, and taught 12 lessons. Which has NEVER happened in this area before! We really focused on having more faith in the Lord, and now I truly know that He will always fulfill His promises when we trust in Him and do what He asks of us.

The baptisms were so special! The font wouldn't fill up so our zone leaders filled up buckets from the kitchen and would walk back and forth filling it up from 1 PM to 6:30! They are the best!! Everyone arrived on time, we sang a medley of My Heavenly Father Loves Me and When I Am Baptized that I kind of threw together last week. It was so great! Their dad, Felipe baptized them. This whole family was inactive about 6 months ago and finally started coming back. They are progressing so much and really notice how much the blessings of the gospel change their lives. I love it! Their 7 year old son had a soccer game on Sunday so the mom and him were going to miss church and the confirmation, but they came anyways and I know that when we sacrifice to keep the Sabbath day holy, we are blessed so much more! I love how much this family is changing and being obedient. They are all so happy and you can really tell they are different and have a different light in their eyes. 

So we had a few funny moments this week as well, as always! One night we were soooo cold and were walking out on an old back road. We started quoting the Princess Bride when the old woman screams, ''BOO! Boo!!'' haha and then there were two little girls who saw us and ran away. We are never doing that again! haha One guy also told us he couldn't understand our language when we contacted him in SPANISH haha...he asked us if we were from Brasil. At least I was asked if I was latina (: We did celebrate Christmas and only sang Christmas songs all week. Happy, successful, growing, learning, memorious week!!

Happy Anniversary to the best parents in the WHOLE WORLD<3<3 Happy Birthday to my favorite Grammy<3 and hope you all have a great week! Have faith in the Lord because with Him all things are possible. Focus on the goals you set, and pray specifically, and He will fulfill the rest!

Con amor,

Hermana Moberly

Post futbol recovery


Lazy Bones

World Cup?


Baptismal font

Cookies for the baptism

Still good with the left foot :)