Monday, March 31, 2014

Hola Mis Amigos, Sunchales March 2014

Hola, Hola, Hola!!! (:

Sometimes, I'm still surprised when I wake up and it's Monday already...I feel like I just wrote an email and told you everything I did! Well....this week flew by...literally! It's SO WINDY!! And it's strong! I thought a few trees were going to fall down and crush us a few times. The storms here are crazy and there is lighting and thunder and rain drops the size of my hand. It’s fun, but I've never been so scared walking down the street either! My umbrella broke...and I forgot my hood to my jacket one day too haha I was SOAKING wet! The streets don't have gutters and so we walk through rivers and everyone stares at us through their windows wondering why we are outside. Even the kids in school get to go home because in the lightning storms, they shut off the power. On Thursday, they shut it off while we were inside doing studies and then weekly planning. We didn't have power for about 5 hours, but then one of our neighbors went in her house and we saw she had light! So we asked her how and she told us we had to switch on the power again.....we don't know how long we were sitting in darkness when we could have had light haha. 

Miracle of the week: We went over to visit Jorgelina and Toto the other night and we had a really great lesson planned to help Jorgelina feel the need to obey the Word of Wisdom and give up smoking. Before we even began, she told us that she went to the doctor earlier and got pills to help her stop smoking completely!! (: MIRACLE! Thanks for all your prayers for me and my investigators, they really work and I appreciate them every day!!<3

We had a branch activity on Saturday, and two 9 year old girls (twins) Priscila and Alexis came! Their sisters and mom are members but inactive. They came with us and we read the Easter story in the bible for kids with pictures...and then made these super cute eggs where inside you put a picture of Christ or bunnies, or whatever you want. I'll send pics next week when ours is done! (: Maybe the girls can do it for a Young Women's activity!

On Saturday nights we are now doing something really awesome. As a district, we pray together over the phone at 10:15 and it's called ''La oraciĆ³n de Fe'' or the prayer of faith, and we pray that our investigators will go to church! On Sunday, Priscila and Alexis came with us!! It works haha!! I also gave a talk on the organization of the church yesterday and talked about the church that Christ established on the Earth and how through modern day prophets, the same iglesia was restored again and we have the same one! 

Another fun fact...I taught my companion how to make grilled cheese and tomato soup! Yummy (: 

Well, I don't have much else to say, we walked and slipped in mud, we contacted a lot of amazing people and are going to pass by this week to start teaching them, we invited a sweet old lady to watch general conference with us next week, and we are still working really hard to build the kingdom of God here in Sunchales. Thank you for all your prayers, really they are being answered. I love this work and I know that we really have a living prophet on the earth today. I am so excited to hear from him and the other faithful leaders of the church this next weekend. Pray to receive revelation and answers to your prayers. Heavenly Father is preparing them so that they can help each one of us grow in our faith and be protected in this world that is difficult to live in. Love you all so much!!<3

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Moberly


  1. Conference during the mission was seriously the best. It was the super bowl of the mission. Sounds like she's doing great. :)

    1. Good, now write her and tell her that :)