Monday, March 3, 2014

Hola Hola Todos Mis Amigos from Sunchales Argentina!

          Mom told me some of the things happening in other countries right now...Wow crazy world!! Haha I love not being a part of it right now. I literally never know what is going on! I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THE OLYMPICS WERE THIS YEAR!!!! What the heck hahaha...Grammy told me Russia won, then us! Crazy!
         Well, this week was really rough but it’s over and this next week will be the best yet!! Our investigator, Olga was going to be baptized on Sat but on Fri told us she didn’t feel ready yet. Heartbreaking. But it’s okay because she still wants to be baptized, just a little more time. That’s a really hard thing to handle when there is a new missionary with you! WOW! But all is well here. The carnival happened Saturday and Sunday nights from 9 PM to 3 AM and we didn’t sleep for 2 nights because it was right outside our apartment and SOOOO LOUD!!!! We put hymns and EFY songs on to tried and have some peaceful music on in the background, but it didn’t do too much. That's okay though! Sunchales is still amazing and I love it here! I think I say that about every area I am in, but I think that is how it is supposed to be. When we serve with all our heart, then the people progress and the Lord trusts us with the people He is preparing.
          On Monday I had the stomach flu and was up all night, then Tuesday we took it easy because the both of us were pretty sick and it was POURING all day! Wednesday we went 2 hours to San Cristobal for our district meeting and learned about how to work with members. Luckily, I just came from a ward where all the members helped us every day so we have some good plans to help our branches grow stronger and how we can use the few members we have. Then Friday we had to go back to San Cristobal for another meeting with the zone leaders and learned even more about strengthening our branches. This Sunday, only 9 people were at church and it is really different. We don't even meet in a church building, it is a little hole in the wall ''Club de Abuelos'' (club for grandparents) haha. There are stray dogs everywhere and there are lots of interesting smells....haha Everyone here has ''siesta'' where they nap and there is NO ONE in the streets from 12-4. Not even the stores are opened. There are mostly dirt roads which makes it really difficult because it rains practically every day so we return home really muddy, but its super fun and I really do love it!
           I'm learning a lot more Spanish from Hermana Arias. She is really sweet! She is also teaching me lots of Peruvian foods...we eat rice and eggs practically every day though because we have no money. It was really a week of learning patience, trusting in the Lord, and enduring to the end. But we both grew a lot and are now ready to take on Sunchales and baptize everyone we see (: There really are great people here, they just need to open their hearts and listen.
          Hope you are all doing so well!! How is the weather?? Any rain in California yet? Has the country frozen? Everyone that hears I am from the United States tells me it's snowing everywhere... Have an amazing week and ''MAKE GOOD CHOICES'' (Freaky Friday quote for Daddy (: ) Love you all so much!!!!

Con mucho mucho mucho amor,
Hermana Moberly

PS Happy Birthday Ryno (: And congrats Jacie on your baptism!!

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