Monday, April 7, 2014

Hola Mis Amigos From Sunchales

Hola Mis Amigos!! (:

Where to begin!? All the days are all jumbled together...but I'll start with the most important! CONFERENCE!! 

I watched it all in Spanish...and understood almost all of it, at least I'm improving (: The hardest part is that each translator changes and is from a different country so I have to readjust to their accent every time, but the spirit is the same! The people who spoke are inspired servants of God and the words they shared are exactly what Heavenly Father wants us all to learn, meditate, and apply. Now we just have to study them again and try to be better. My favorite talks were Elder Bednar's about how when in times of trial, the Lord ALWAYS hears our cries, but with faith and time, they will be lifted. But not completely lifted, the Lord will HELP us, which means we still have to carry a part of the load. LOVED THIS!! Also, I loved the talk about the Olympics and how we all prepared before this life, and now we are in the race. It's only 3 minutes long, are we going to throw away all of our preparation and efforts, or are we going to push through to the end and win the medal? So powerful! It's perfect for the people we are teaching here!

We got to watch Saturday morning, and all of Sunday but we are trying to make a CD to watch Saturday afternoon in the house. We will watch the Women's Conference next Sunday. Yesterday rained allllllllllll day and never stopped so no one wanted to leave their house and come to watch conference with us ): 

This week we had another branch activity and finished making our Easter eggs. We also watched a bible video about the Resurrection of Christ. The new bible videos are the best ever!! You should watch them, the spirit testifies so clearly the Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and that He lives. This is His church and I am sooo grateful to be a part of it and be His servant for this short time in my life. But we can all be servants, we don’t need a name tag. Share your testimonies of  Christ's love for you with everyone! They need to know that He can save and heal them too. This week we had an asado (BBQ) and I thought I was going to die walking home afterwards...we ate SO much!! 

We found an Awesome couple on Wednesday and taught them the Restoration (my favorite lesson to teach!) and are going to stop by again this week to see if they were able to pray about the message we shared and read the introduction of the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is the best!! I love studying it every day.  I have never learned so much about my savior as when I read the words of His as they prophets testify of Him. 

We are having a realllllly rough time helping our investigators progress right now. We don't know what else we can do for them, but we are praying for a lot of guidance because the rest is up to them! We can do everything in our hands, but they still have the opportunity to choose if they want to accept it or not. 

On Saturday on our way to conference, we pushed a member, Angel, in his wheelchair all the way to the Hohermuth's house and it was SOOOO hot and it was uphill hahaha. Then on Friday night a cat climbed into our window and I was so tired and barely awake, but I felt it walking on me, then I watched it climb over to my companion's bed and she screamed and pushed the cat off which woke me up the rest of the way! Hahaha I then had to chase it out of the bathroom back to the window to leave....just some funny stories for you all to enjoy! 

Love you all so much! Hope you could all listen to our prophet speak. He is the Lord's servant to lead and guide us. Listen to his words and now go and do like Nephi teaches us to do! (: 

Con mucho amor
Hermana Moberly

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