Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hola! Hola!

Hola Mis Queridos!!!

Today is going to be another quickie because I have to send LOTS of pictures of our clean little apartment to the mission...and the computer is sooo slow! But I'm learning a lot of patience (: Wow! This week flew by! We had a lot more success than the week before which was great! We were able to find 9 new people to start teaching and they are all really great and receptive! Sunchales is a small little town where most of the people are super rich and then the surrounding outside areas are super poor. So the rich people think they already have what they want and don't want to listen to us, but the more humble people outside are super kind and loving. 

Olga still doesn't want to talk about baptism because she wants to wait and keep learning. it's really sad to see how much she has already changed- doesn't want to leave her animals for very long to go to church, can't find time to read the scriptures everyday...I don't know what happened, but we are not giving up on her and will keep working hard!

We are teaching a couple, Jorgelina and Toto. They are awesome! Jorgelina has a smoking problem, has received a priesthood blessing and all, but doesn't do anything herself to stop. We are trying to help her quit...and Toto won't get baptized without his wife. So please pray for them! (: 

We are contacting a lot to try and find new people and I love it! It’s super fun knocking on doors and being rejected all the time (; haha But really, it makes me really appreciate when someone accepts to listen and all of the hard times are forgotten because we can testify and share our testimonies with these handful of people!

We have to travel 2 hours every Tuesday to San Cristobal for district meetings which means LEGAL NAPS!! (: It's super fun to travel and see the surrounding places....which means lots of grass and cows and horses! But it's really fun!

We don't have anyone ready for baptism but we are planning on inviting a few people this week so more news to come with that!

I gotta go, but just hope you all know that I LOVE THIS WORK! It's the Lord's work and I am on His time out here. I am working hard and really know that blessings come from obedience, not just for missionaries, but for you all too! Love you all so much and pray for you all every day! Keep being good and sharing the gospel with everyone! Love you so much and hope you have a great week<3

Hermana Moberly


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  1. " It’s super fun knocking on doors and being rejected all the time (; "

    Haha funniest line. She sounds like she's doing amazing.