Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sick Week In Sunchales

Hola Mis Amigos!!!

¿Que pasa calabaza? Nada nada limonada! (: Well, I was sick in bed along with my companion for 3 days with a stomach virus...no fun!! But it was one of the funnest weeks we've had since we couldn't leave. But, to start, I'll tell you about the work we could do.

We had a lesson with a lady named, Silvia, and her daughter and we taught the Restoration. She was so interested and invited us back to eat lunch with her whole family sometime in the next few weeks and she wants to come to church too. SO we finally found someone with potential! (: We had another lesson with Hermana Quintana (President's wife) and talked about the need to defend our faith, and then we visited 9 year old, Karen, who is the only active one in her family, was baptized last May, and comes every Sunday. We made her her own missionary agenda just like ours (: Then Wednesday, we actually left the house and went to zone meeting, but I had to run out in the middle to throw up haha. But we learned a lot about becoming more like Christ. Then a miracle happened Sunday and we had 2 investigators at church even though we couldn't visit anyone!! 

That's literally all that happened. But I'll tell you all the funny things we did. SO Tuesday, we were outside and contacted these two guys. They started flirting then looked at my companion and one of them started speaking English with a little British accent and said, ''Your eyes. How beautiful your eyes'' hahah we were dying! That's Argentine men for ya. We had a scripture war with our district leader, Elder Cruz and we totally won!  At zone meeting we played the game signs and even though we were half dead we totally dominated! We sang happy birthday to our district leader too and then after he tried telling us in English you are my best friends but it came out ''You are the best...my friends'' haha He's the best!! He loves learning English and we are trying to help him. He is from Peru.

But, even though it was a rough week, we really felt the love of Heavenly Father because we saw a lot of miracles even though we couldn't work. Luke 1:37 ''For with God nothing shall be impossible.'' This is so true. If we would just trust in God always, we would never have to worry about anything. 

Love you all so much and hope you had and have a great week! Remember to trust in God, and then you will see miracles. <3

Hermana Moberly

Fun with corn at dinner last night.

Chocolate Orange from Robin's package that just made it to Argentina...THANKS!!!

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