Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Heart Catholics

Hola mis amigos!!
This week was really hard, interesting, and long, but fun! So let's start with the rough. We passed by Jorgelina and Toto one day and Jorgelina was smoking ): Then the next day she told us she didn't have time for us the whole week and would let us know when we could stop by. It was weird because she is never like that. We finally went by on Friday and they said they were confused about everything and weren't ready to be baptized. We tried everything and just listened, but we are going to give them some time and see what happens. We just are going to be praying a lot for them to remember the spirit they felt and the answer they have already received. 
Monday we had dinner with Hnos Hohermuth and guess what we had???? You'll never guess. FISH JELLO!!! Hahaha it was the weirdest thing ever. She literally put tomatoes and herbs and fish in the jello and it was cold and slimy haha. Interesting...
We had a branch activity and Eliana and Joana came! Eliana is an investigator who goes to every activity but never to church. Joana is the inactive daughter of Jorgelina's son Felipe who is a member. Joana never would talk to us before and then at the activity we talked to her and now we are besties (: She even came to church on Sunday!! The activity was lots of fun. Pres Quintana played his guitar and we sang songs from all over Argentina. 
I had my one year mark, and so of course we made brownies and had ice cream. We bought a kilo of ice cream and then they gave us a half kilo free!!! (: BEST DAY EVER!! 
We had a lesson with Hna Quintana this week and taught Alma 7:11-12 and personalized it by having her read it with her name in there. Really the atonement is personal. Christ knows each and every one of us personally and knows exactly how to help us overcome whatever problem, heartache, or sin we may have within us. 
We also were fed by Hna Quintana's mom, Hna Sara on Friday and it was sooo yummy! We told her we tried to make a soup earlier in the week (which was water, milk, tomato sauce, carrots, onions, tomato, and some other random stuff we had…hahaha, it actually was good and we called it sopa de cosas- soup of things- haha) She told us next time we don't know how to make something, call her and she will come over and make us food haha
We contacted allll week this last week and found one super cute and interested family. That was probably the highlight of the week. We will see how that goes. We contacted 110 people this week and I think only 15 said we could come back. It's really hard here and the people don't want to listen, but we have hope and faith that what we are doing is helping plant seeds in these people's hearts. Yesterday was Independence day here so everyone was outside and partying.
Funny stories: The mannequins in the windows are super creepy looking, the dogs here have stripes so we call them tiger dogs, we have been killing scorpions in our pench which is fun...NOT, the kids have uniforms for school where they have to wear white jackets that look like doctor coats. Just some fun facts about Argentina (:

I'm still LOVING it and am so happy every day! I love talking to people about Jesus Christ and how he can help them with whatever problem they may be having. Honestly, we do nothing and as long as we have the spirit, we can do anything. We'll just be patient and keep praying for hearts to be softened. Love you all so much and hope you have a great week! Be obedient and smile<3

Hermana Moberly

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