Monday, June 16, 2014

Vamos Argentina!!!

Hola Mis Amigos y Familia!! (:

So...this morning I was reading in Alma 26:27 about how when we are patient in our trials, the Lord will bless us with success. That pretty much sums up our week! We have had a few really rough months with the work here in Sunchales, but we kept going and had to really have a lot of faith and patience, but the Lord always keeps his promises! We had a lot of miracles this last week!! Here's a few:

1. We finally found a menos activa, Jaqueline, and it was my first time meeting her. She let us in and we taught her a quick lesson on the power of prayer and scripture study. She said she would start reading the scriptures again and would come back to church! She lives alone and is 26 so it's hard for her to get up on Sundays, but we are going to start helping her have more desires to come! She is awesome!!
2. We are still visiting familia Villareal and we invited the 2 daughters to be baptized on the 4th of July. One of them has already prayed and said she knows it is all true. They are a super special family. Really receptive to the Spirit.
3. We finally found Silvia again. She was in Brazil with her family the last few weeks. But she told us she has been reading the Book of Mormon and loves it, we are going over on Thursday to teach the whole family!
4. Every day from 5:30-6:30 we contact streets we have prayed about and this last week we found and taught 3 people who are so awesome! We are going back this week to invite them to be baptized and they have so much potential.
5. After district meeting on Tuesday, all the elders (there are only 4 haha) walked us to ice cream and they bought it for us! That was a miracle (:

Now for some more updates...Joana and Joel didn't feel ready for the interview so we moved their baptism to the 28th. Jorgelina and Toto are pretty far away right now and it just proves to me how much we really need to do the little things to help us have spiritual strength. They have forgotten almost everything already and don't want to do anything either ): But they aren't ready so we will just keep praying for them, and their time will come. Eliana has a date too, but she won't come to church. We are trying everything and it's so hard, but we really want to teach her whole family so she isn't alone. We had 15 at church yesterday! It's pretty consistent now and we will be getting a new place for church at the end of the moth instead of the grandparent's club room, haha. We have a keyboard now so I get to play the piano for church!! YAY! (: It really was a great week, 5 news, 5 Books of Mormons given away, and lots of little miracles! (:

I have a lot more funny stories than anything else! Yesterday was Branch Conference (we thought it was the 22nd then the district presidency showed up, haha). But we did a musical number, and Karen (the 10 year old music conductor) thought it was the last song, so she came up too and started leading the music and she was so confused why no one else was singing…hahaha we just let her keep going. (: We decided that maybe this week we would start a diet since we are kind of obsessed with the chocolate here...that lasted one night and we had to buy chocolate the next day haha. We walk all day so we burn it off easy. Everyone denied us during contacts this week because they were all watching the World Cup games...I don't blame them, but we are sharing a message for their salvation (; Hermana Sanders always gets comments on how beautiful her eyes are and I just stand there and feel like, ''But what about my eyes?'' haha but then last night Hna Sanders told me she feels the same when all the people in the streets call out ''RUBIA'' which means blondie basically haha...we just stand out as Americans I guess. We decided to learn more hymns and try to sing a new and unknown one every morning for comp’s terrible and I'm losing my sight reading talents haha.

Well, not much else. We are doing great and are so happy being able to serve the Lord at this time. Something I really studied this week was commandments and why we have them. I love the kite analogy. Kites can't fly without a string holding them to the ground. The same is with the commandments. Without something holding us down, we can't fly or reach our goals to become better and live with God again. God knows what we need to be happy, and if we will just obey Him and keep all the commandments, we are promised happiness, blessings, and prosperity. Mosiah 2:41. I know that the commandments of God are for our benefit and that if we just try a little harder every day to be more obedient, we will never be lost or fallen. I'm so grateful for my calling and to share the message of the Restoration with everyone! Our message is different and will bless the lives of others more than they know until they listen to it. Love you all so much!! Have a great week! <3

Con amor,

Hermana Moberly
Beautiful Argentina Sunrise
Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever
 Some pictures sent from our convert in Echusortu, Kristina:

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