Monday, January 20, 2014

Hola todos mis amigos y familia! Echesortu Jan 20, 2014

Hola todos mis amigos y familia!

AH! I LOVE ARGENTINA!!! Even though we weren't able to teach too much this week, me and Hna Smith really learned a lot and grew. Almost all of our lessons fell through, but the Lord really took care of us. We are going to have the baptism for Elena this Saturday, and then she is going back home to Mendoza in order to receive the Holy Ghost on Saturday. It is so crazy to think that she was here for the right amount of time to meet us, have those desires to change and come closer to Christ, and then be able to participate in the gospel in her home. Then, yesterday at church, a girl from Brasil came with some of her friends who are returned missionaries. She has read the Book of Mormon, and when I went over to meet her, before saying anything, she asked me if she could be baptized. WHAT!? Yeah, the Lord really loves us and all of His children. It reminded me of my mom and how I have always wanted an experience like hers. Now I have one! So we are going over tomorrow to start teaching her so that she can be baptized in the next few weeks!!!

Our Stake President is amazing and he helps us so much! He gives us a lot of counsel for safety, the work, and just life in general. He is really wise. On Friday, we got a call from some elders who met a lady in the terminal without anything. She is a member of the church and needed help finding her aunt, so we went to go find her, and with the Stake President, we were able to bring her to the church building, go to his house and eat some food, and then send her back to where she needed to be. I love just knowing that wherever we are, the Church is always willing and ready to help whoever needs it. 

We finally got our water heater fixed so we actually can take showers that are somewhat warm...better than ice water like we had for the first few weeks (: Our fridge broke so we basically just eat cereal with warm milk when we are at home. But the members feed us lunch every day! It's just every morning and night we eat cereal. They have these donut things here called alfejores and they are one of the reasons why I was called to serve in Argentina. They are SOOO good! (: 

Other than that, we are trying to survive this heat wave and continue to preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I love being able to talk to people on the streets and see their faces change and light up when we testify of our Savior. I love being a missionary!! Hope you all enjoy this next week! Look for ways to serve others and share your testimonies! (: 

Happy Birthday Jacie, Caden, and Kyson (I think...I don’t remember everyone's birthdays...)<3 Good luck Justin in the MTC! And Happy almost Febrero to everyone else!! Love you<3<3

Hermana Moberly
Hermana's Smith and Moberly in the famous Mustache's ;)

Christmas Stockings
                                                                                  ARGENTINA LIVING


                                             How we wash our clothes...takes FOREVER

The feet of a missionary after a day of walking.

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