Monday, January 13, 2014

Hola Todos from Echesortu, January 13, 2014

Hola Todos!! (:
       Ah, where to begin! I have so many stories to tell you and I have totally been slacking on my weekly letters. But Argentina has really been a blessing. The people here are super loving and it's really easy to talk to everyone because almost everyone is Catholic and already has a religious background. When we contact people in the streets and give them pass along cards with a picture of Jesus on it, they get super excited and then want us to come over and teach their families. The only problem is that we contact so many people, and it is hard to find time to visit them all. But over time, we will figure out how to do it. Hermana Smith and I have been working really hard, and I have definitely seen so many miracles.
       One, the language. It is so different that what I learned in Texas. The words are different, the accent is different, everything. But the Lord has really shown me mercy and has humbled me a lot so that I can understand them. Sometimes I miss parts here and there, but I can understand mostly everything.
       Two, our investigators. Last week, we went over for lunch to a member's home and their grandma was visiting from Mendoza. They told us she wanted to listen to our message, and so we began teaching her, and she wants us to come over every day! We have already been over 3 times and she is either going to be baptized on the 17th or 25th of this month!! Her name is Elena and she is a miracle! Yesterday we taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ and the healing power of His Atonement. That through faith and His grace and mercy, we can be forgiven of our sins and also receive the strength and help we need to forgive others. It was the most powerful lesson I have ever had so far and just testifying of Jesus Christ and His healing power strengthened my testimony of how real it is. No matter what we have done or what we lack, through Jesus Christ, we can all become cleansed and have our burdens lifted. So please pray for Elena that she will be able to progress to her date! We are also teaching a man named Guillermo and he is awesome too! We are going to extend a baptismal date to him tonight too!
       The work here is progressing so much and I love it! There is nothing better that to go around each day and simply share my testimony con anyone I see. I have never been so happy. There is a boy in our ward who is leaving for his mission to Bolivia tomorrow, but he has been helping us a ton to get to know the area and help us teach! Instead of spending the last few days with his family, he has been wanting to go out and teach with us. He has really shown me how important this work is and that sometimes, the work we do for the Lord is a lot more important than other things. The sacrifices I have made to be out here are so small, but I know that whatever sacrifices we make are acceptable to the Lord. I hope you are all doing so well and are happy! I love you all mucho mucho mucho! Que tengan una buena semana!<3<3

Hermana Moberly

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