Thursday, June 6, 2013

MTC Week # 3 June 6, 2013

Hola Familia!!!

Wow! Time just flies by!! It's so crazy I've already been here two weeks! The spirit is still super strong and I'm learning so much!!! I don't have that much to tell you about the last week, but I now have two progressing investigators and the Spanish keeps coming so I’m definitely witnessing the gift of tongues. I've taught 10 lessons in Spanish now.  Two of them were on Monday night when we do something called TRC. Members of the church volunteer to be taught and so we go in and share a quick message with them. Teaching members is different than investigators for sure, but our purpose is still the same, to invite others to come unto Christ. So we challenged one couple to continue doing their family scripture study, but write down the promptings and inspirations that they receive while they read. I think that as we are ready to write down our impressions, we are more attentive to the spirit and we can continue to receive more as we listen. I've been working on that this last week and it's so crazy to see the difference already in noticing when I receive promptings and forget them, and when I receive them, write them down, and follow them! So maybe this next week (whoever is reading this) should try to do the same. (:

So my district is pretty much awesome!! On Tuesday, after devotional we all meet together in the classroom and discuss something we learned. Then after, our district leader felt prompted to hold a testimony meeting. And hearing everyone's testimonies was so amazing; I've never felt the spirit so strong! I love being surrounded by missionaries all the time! I think I forgot to tell you, but everyone in my district is going to Rosario! Even my companions, which is really rare! We are all hoping that we will work in the same area down in Argentina sometime. But we are all best friends, which we kind of have to be anyways since we spend all day together, but I'm so grateful for them and their friendship. During gym time, we all try and play volleyball together and I'm actually not bad! At least, I'm getting better. (:

Well, that's pretty much it for this week! So many missionaries came in yesterday, and it's so cool to see how many people I know here because basically everyone went to BYU. But I did see Trevor at the temple on Sunday so I'll send you the pictures! Now I see him a few times a week which is cool! I still see Nathaniel every day (: I can't wait for Cori and Jacquie to come!! I am pretty sure that I will be a host on the day they come in so please send me the times they are coming so I can look for them!!!! I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! Look for ways to feel the spirit more strongly and don't forget to write down the promptings you receive. Keep sending letters! I absolutely LOVE them!! (: I'll hand write you back later today if you sent me one! Please keep praying for me, I really appreciate it and I know that they are helping me! It's only been two weeks and I can teach almost every lesson in Spanish! I even taught the Word of Wisdom yesterday, which is harder than you think…haha

I love you all, can't wait to write again<3

Hermana Moberly


P.S. funny story of the week: One of the elders was talking about how the adversary blinds our investigators and his companion said, "We are like Windex and paper towels, going out two by two to clean off the eyes of those we teach" hahaha It was probably more funny to us, but that's as much humor as we get here and I love it! (:
                                  Hermana Moberly and her MTC Companions-Provo Temple
                                           Hermana Moberly and Elder Nathaniel Mosley

                                 Hermana Moberly and Elder Trevor Oberender-Provo Temple

                                  Hermana Moberly's Zone Sister Missionaries-Provo Temple

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