Thursday, June 27, 2013

MTC Week # 6...And off she who knows where ;)

Hola Hola!!

     Well, where to start!? All of your prayers really helped me last week because I only missed all of P-day and was still sick the next day but was well enough to go to class. But I'm all healthy now, so thank you! (: It was a really busy week, but I'm pretty sure the longer I am here, the quicker the weeks fly by! I can't believe I'm in my sixth week already! I can't tell if my emotions are sad to leave, happy to go out, scared to not know anything, etc. I am pretty sure it's just a mix of every emotion possible! But I should hopefully find out later today if I got my reassignment or not. If I did, I can email home again and let you know, but if not then you won't hear from and I will be here another week (which I would totally love)! (:
     So I'm sure you all watched the broadcast and now know that I am famous (; haha…Just Kidding! But I was listening to Elder Perry and then looked at the screen and couldn't believe what I saw!! It was kind of awkwardly long and if you watch it again, I almost start's at 22:15 minutes… hahaha. But other than that, the broadcast was WONDERFUL!! It was really good for all of us to be reminded of the responsibilities we all have as members of the church, I think. The missionaries can only do so much, but we will eventually leave and the new converts need friends in the wards who will always be there for them. But I was looking back on the notes I took and realized there was a common theme I kept noting about- Love. One of the video clips was showing the service opportunities that the members were all having and then it led to missionary discussions and that made me realize something. I get to spend the next 17 months (wherever I will be) just serving others and showing them love and how to be happy!! How awesome is that!? All missionary work is is a service to the children of God and helping them find the way back to our Savior Jesus Christ. I can't remember who said this, but one of the speakers compared us to being the Shepherd as Jesus is always referred to. And last week in class, we also talked about this. I wear Jesus Christ’s name right under mine on my badge every day. I am His representative and because of this, I get to be a Shepherd. My teacher shared with us a story and said that when one of the sheep in a fold run off and gets lost, the Shepherd will stop everything and go looking for that one sheep. Once he finds it, he breaks all four of its legs and carries it back to the fold on his shoulders. Then, until the sheep can take care of itself and walk again, the shepherd will feed it, care for it, and basically do everything for it so that it learns to trust and love him. SO now I want to compare this with my job. I think that because I am a representative of Jesus Christ and act as a shepherd, I am going out to find the lost sheep or children of God who do not have the gospel. Once I find them and begin teaching them, they are going to need to change their hearts and possibly their way of living which can be really difficult, painful, and they cannot do it alone. So while they are preparing and healing, I am there (with the members of course), and helping them prepare to stand and walk on their own once again. Thinking of it like this, it makes me feel so excited and humbled to know that I have the privilege to do the Savior's work while He is not here on the earth. With or without me, the work will go on, but I get to be a part of it and I am so blessed and grateful! I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I know that I cannot do anything without His help and guidance. Here at the MTC, I have never felt so close to Him and my mission is definitely changing me to become more like Him and I love it!
      Well, it's my last week here probably and I have decided to make some goals so that I don't waste any time! My Spanish is really good, but it could be better. I know the lessons to teach, but I could be more prepared. As I look back on my time here, I have made some mistakes and wasted some time that I could have been studying harder, but we all make mistakes and all that the Savior asks of us is to keep getting up when we fall and work even harder to become better! We are all so blessed to have the Atonement in our lives. We would have no hope of returning to our Heavenly Father again without it!
      So on Tuesday, at devotional, Janice Kapp Parry came!!! She and her husband spoke to us and then we had a musical program where she put together a medley of primary songs that we sung together and then she sang us some songs herself. I cannot remember a time where I have felt the spirit more strongly! I have always loved music and felt that through it, I could feel my Savior's love for me, but there is something so powerful and great about over 3,000 missionaries singing together! I absolutely loved it!!!!
     That's all I have for now! I am still working really hard and trying to become more like my Savior every day! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your summer!! I miss everyone so much, but it has never been hard being away from home because I can literally feel my Savior walking besides me every moment of every day. There is no other place I would rather be! Love you all like crazy and pray for you each night<3

With all my love,

Hermana Moberly<3

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