Thursday, June 13, 2013

MTC Week # 4

Hola Hola Hola!!!!

 Well I hope you all had a wonderful week because I sure did!!! I don't even know where to start...But I have been learning so much Spanish and somehow, it's all sticking! My progressing investigator lessons are still going on and we got one to commit to being baptized on Saturday! It's just one of our teachers who pretends to be an investigator, but we were all so happy when he finally said yes…we walked out with tears in our eyes! (: It just made me way more excited to go to Argentina and teach real investigators!! Other than that, each day continues to fly by and I am over half way done here at the MTC!! No news on my visa yet, so as of now, I'm just waiting to get my travel information in the mail. If I am reassigned to a different mission in the U.S. then they won't tell me until the Thursday before I leave. So nothing to worry about now. (:

           So just some cool and fun things that have happened this week- One of the districts in our zone was leaving. In the cafeteria, there are big dispensers of cereal and we wanted to completely empty one as a zone. So on Sunday, for lunch, everyone had crunch berries and in order to finish an entire dispenser, everyone had to have 2-3 bowls of cereal. There were 28 of us! But then, we finished it so quickly we went to do another one! After both the crunch berries and lucky charms were all gone, everyone had at least 3 bowls and I had five!! A few of the elders had 8 bowls! It was crazy!! So don't worry, I still have fun here. (: We get to go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and our zone plays volleyball...I'm actually not that bad anymore!! On Tuesday, we left the MTC and actually got to be outside of the gates! We walked down to BYU's Marriott Center for a devotional. There are so many missionaries here that we have to meet in a bigger auditorium!! So now once a week I get to leave the MTC and head down to BYU which is just like home now. (: As for the Spanish, I forgot to mention that last fast and testimony meeting at church I got up and bore my testimony in Spanish!! It was really scary but it's so cool that I can understand what people are saying and be able to add my testimony to theirs. My two companions and I will be the new Sister Missionary Training Leaders which means that we are over the sisters in our zone! Lots of responsibilities, but I'm so excited to get to know the new sisters that came here yesterday. The leaders that were here when I first came helped us all so much and became such great friends over the last three weeks, so hopefully I can help the other Hermanas!! Well, other than that I don't know what has been new or exciting, but I'm absolutely loving it here and really wouldn't mind if I stayed here longer! The spirit is so strong and my testimony grows each and every day. My companions are wonderful and I love them!

            Well I want to leave you all with a short spiritual thought that I have been thinking a lot about the last few days. It is stressed so much to do all you can to become more like our Savior Jesus Christ here at the MTC. And so over the last week I have been trying so hard to make sure all of my thoughts and actions are one with what my Savior would do. I think that it is so important for all of us to strive each day to have the attributes of Christ become the attributes we have. My purpose here at the MTC is to learn how to invite others to come unto Christ, but like I said before, we must come unto him ourselves first. So go throughout this week and serve others, have kind thoughts, and be patient so we can all develop Christ-like attributes. At the devotional the other night, Mervyn B. Arnold of the Seventy and his wife spoke to us. I loved that she encouraged us to cheerfully serve with all our hearts. I think that as we all serve with a cheerful attitude in everything we do, we can develop charity, the pure love of Christ. We are promised in the scriptures that when we are in the service of our fellow beings we are only in the service of our God! So I love you all!! Thanks for all of the prayers, letters, and support<3 Have a great week!!

Con Mucho Amor,

Hermana Moberly<3

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