Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Almost October!

Hola Hola (: 

Sorry, bad news...I have zero time today! We all have to share the computer, so this will be superrrr quick!!! BUT we had an amazing stressful beautiful week!! 

I am still with Hermanas Rasband and Briggs and we get along too well...we sometimes can't stop talking at night which means we lose sleep. So we have been really tired, but this week we have goals to sleep on time. But we are having so much fun together!! They are like my fourth and fifth sisters (Cori is my third) (:  We worked so hard this week to try and find new investigators and help Elin get ready for her baptism. But she made it!! We had the baptism on Saturday and she was so happy and excited! Her whole family came, even her stepdad who doesn't listen to us and smokes all the time! Her mom, Monica is inactive but is now coming back to church and she spoke on baptism! It was so awesome!! The spirit was so strong. I love helping people make this covenant. Baptism and confirmation are literally the first steps to getting into the kingdom of God. But with the right authority. The restored priesthood. Elin's friend, Florencia came to the baptism and church as well. She told us afterwards that she also wants to be baptized! And German should get baptized in the next 2 weeks. Their mom is so much happier now. I loved seeing this family's conversion process and seeing them regain or gain their testimonies. 

Hermana Briggs also had a baptism in Galvez, so we had permission to go out there. Hermana Rasband stayed here with a member, and us two went out to her old area to help them get everything prepared. It was another great experience! So two baptisms this weekend!  

I went to do divisions again this week out in Colon, 4.30 hours away! It was so long! But I got to meet a lot of really special people. Divisions really help me see the holiness of our callings to specific areas. When I go away, I can't feel or receive any revelation or inspiration for those people. I can help the hermanas, but it's a different feeling. I can't really explain it, other than I know I am meant to serve in Paraná at this time. 

Sorry this is so lame! We really did have an amazing week full of miracles, like always! I continue to learn and grow every day. I feel so close to my Savior and I know that it only comes through diligent study in the scriptures, prayer and testifying. Love you all so much and hope you have a great week!! <3

Con cariño,

hermana moberly

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