Monday, October 20, 2014

Buen Dia!

Buen dìa!!

This last week flew by! I don't think I have very much to tell you either. This last week we have been focusing a lot on visiting our families of rescue (I don't know how to translate it correctly into english). But we have 5 less active families who we are focusing on. We visited with 3 this week and they all seem to be progressing a lot more! One is a 70 year old man, Cayetano. We are having a Family Home Evening with him tonight in the bishop's house and he hasn't come to church still, but I think he will soon! We also are visiting the familia Farìas. Hermana Farìas was the only one home but said the Lord blesses her family so much, that she knows if she doesn`t come back to church the blessings will stop, and she won`t be able to show her gratitude to the Lord. If we love the Lord, we are obedient to His commandments. She has 2 kids, but one of them is married to a girl who isn't a member of the church, so Wednesday they invited us over to lunch and we will start teaching her! (: Then there is the Ludovico family. Hno Ludovico is from Brasil and last night he told us that when he thinks of his converts from the mission being active in the church, and one being a member of the 70 (Elder Castro), it makes him really sad. He wants us to be patient with his family and that when the spirit tells them they need to come back to church, they will return. So we are going to continue helping these people have spiritual experiences. We cannot force people to accept the gospel or complete commitments, only the spirit can teach them. So we are going to work with the spirit just like we always do with everyone!

On Wednesday we went to Rosario for Leadership Council. It's literally like Christmas getting to hear from Pres Zanni and the assistants! We talked about the sickness in the mission about missionaries thinking this isn't a baptizing mission. It really is sad, I've seen it. Many missionaries have heard from others that we don't baptize here, so they lose their faith and then they can't have success. So as leaders, we are going to teach and ''heal'' the mission from this ''sickness'' and complete the Lord's work. I went on divisions with an Hermana from Utah this week and she is really new. We were talking about what she thinks is possible for our mission, and she said she is tired of hearing people always say, ''We are just planting seeds''. She said she knows it is important to sembrar seeds, but it also says all over Doctrine and Convenios that the field is white and ready to harvest. There are people who are prepared, we just have to get to work and do what the Lord wants from us in his vineyard, I loved that! We just need to have the faith to see. And then get to work.

I was attacked by grillos (crickets and grasshoppers) this week!! On Tuesday night Hna Rasband and her comp slept over because we had to wake up at 2:30 to go to Rosario and we live closer to the terminal. But the last 2 hours of sleeping there was about 4 crickets that wouldn’t stop chirping! Then on divisions, I slept on the top bunk bed and they have SO many crickets and grasshoppers in their apartment. I heard one on the ceiling and then a minute later it fell on my forehead!! I screamed and Hna Egbert ran to turn on the lights and it was on my pillow so we flicked it off and killed it. We killed 8 more that night. I hate grillos. There is one in the cyber right now too. They never go away!!

We didn't have very much money left and for one day we only had eggs and water haha. But don't worry mom, we got money today and have food again haha. We just called members to feed us. 

We had a really great week, just full of traveling and finding new investigators. We have the goal of having 2 baptisms before I go home so we have a lot of work to do. But like I always say, everything is posible con the Lord!! 

I hope you all have a really great week! Trust in the Lord. He only does what is best for us. Even when it doesn't seem right to us, He has an eternal perspective and will never lead us astray! I know that this is Christ's work. As missionaries, we are His representatives, but as members of His church, we still wear His name upon us. That was our baptismal covenant. Do as He would do. Love and serve as He would love and serve. Love you all so much!!<3

Con amor,
Hermana Moberly

sorry no pics this week...the computer won't let me load them! More to come next week (:

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