Monday, October 13, 2014

Invitation to Salvation

Hola! (:

Are you surprised to hear that this last week was so amazing?? I´ll start from the beginning. I don´t have very much time because it´s a holiday and everything is closed so we are all sharing one computer in the church. But here it goes...

Tuesday: for Pday we played soccer for 3 hours straight and I´m still sore haha. But we went over to Soledad´s house and she was having a really bad day. She had a migraine and her kids were screaming and running around. So we called a member who lived by and him and his wife came over immediately. The hermano had been working in the campo all day and was already asleep, but he answered our call and came anyways. His wife (the relief society pres) took care of the twin babies and the hermano gave Soledad a blessing. The spirit was so strong and Soledad just wept. It was amazing. I think what I loved the most, was seeing the members respond to our call even though they were asleep and tired. It didn’t matter to them. They responded to the call and served. This week I have been studying the New Testament again and reading all about the miracles Jesus performed. He went to the sick and afflicted and the weary. According to their faith they were healed. It can still happen now. I witnessed it this week. As members of Christ´s church, we also need to serve and bless the sick and afflicted and weary. When we were baptized, we took upon ourselves the name of Christ and that means act as He did. When we do so, we are fulfilling our covenants. It was an amazing experience and I will never forget it!

Wednesday: Hna Castañeda came!!!! I already knew her from Sunchales, but she is super sweet and loves to work! I am so happy we get to spend these next few weeks together working hard and serving the people here in Paraná!! Hna Rasband forgot to tell me she didn't pay the light bill, so this night, they shut off our light and we lived with matches and one flashlight and a candle haha.

Thursday: We paid the light bill and now we have no money haha but we will be fine. We will get the money back next week. It´s just funny and we all blame Hna Rasband for forgetting to tell us haha. 

Saturday: I read a talk about a man who in his mission did a 40 day fast so that he could be purified and receive the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. I made a list of things to fast from that keep me from having the spirit with me and teaching with power and authority and luckily I had 40 days left on my mission from this day! So I started that and am really excited to see what happens until the end of my mission and how I can have the spirit with me more completely and constantly!!

These are the big highlights from the week! We are working hard and loving the mission. I know that when we make sacrifices, the lives of those around us can be blessed. We are in this life to become purified and more like our Savior and father. Love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!! 

Con Amor,
Hermana Moberly

Hermana Castaneda and Me

Me and the Argentina Flag
Me in a Carnival Hat

Sunrise from our Apartment
Awesome Catholic Cathedral

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