Monday, September 22, 2014

A Day in the Life on an Hermana

HolAAAAA!! (:

Well, here we are again. And I'm sure you will all be so surprised to hear that this week was amazing!! Never happens, right?? Well, we definitely had a bunch of trials, but we made it through and there was just as much good, if not more, to help us carry on.

Last Monday, we played soccer and basketball as a zone and with some young men in our ward. I made a goal on an elder from Chile and everyone started cheering and screaming ''RUBIA!!!''...ugh! Time to dye the hair again (; haha just kidding.  But we also watched Monster's Inc. 2 Monster's University. It was really great! I just get so bored during movies now because they are so long. But I gave a talk during our zone meeting on the importance of commitments. We will never change or repent if we are not committed to doing something that will help us reach that goal. Faith is action, and action is what leads us to repentance. Our actions can be reading the scriptures, going to church, praying, or being obedient to the commandments. All of these things help us change and become more like our Savior Jesus Christ. But as a missionary, we need to also promise blessings so that these people have a desire or reason to want to change. It's like when we go to school. No one would ever go to school if we were not promised the blessing of learning. But we will also never learn if we do not do our homework or study. If our investigators goal is to have eternal life, we need to promise the blessings that come from being obedient. Or they will never want to change. 

All of our investigators are doing great except for Nestor and Brenda. ): Brenda called us on Sunday morning after promising us she would come to church and said she didn't feel like going. We tried everything, but she just won't act. So we are going to drop her for awhile until she starts showing us desires. Our purpose is to invite and teach, but she has had all the lessons, and won't come to church. So until she is ready, we are going to give her some time. Nestor also texted us saying that he never wanted to come to church again or get baptized, or anything. We asked if we could have a charla (chat) to talk about what happened. And he just said another day. It's so wierd, we are going to try and call him to see what happened. But enough about the sad stuff! 

Our week was really successful!! We taught a ton of lessons! We only had to do one division, and I went to a really small pueblito called Villa Adelina. It's ONLY dirt roads and brick houses. SO sad. I'm happy here in ParanĂ¡ gracias. We were going to have another division, but one of the sisters had to go home for health problems, and now we have her companion! Her name is Hna Briggs from Holiday Utah. She is so sweet! She told me Kelly looks really familiar, but can't remember. She went to BYU. But we had so much fun as a trio this week! I missed being in a trio! She is my 13th companion...that's a ton!! haha

We are helping Gabriel, a recent convert, do his family history. I can't remember if I told you last week. But before his baptism he had a trouble with smoking. But he stopped, and to help him stay strong we want to help him do family history work and prepare to receive the sacerdocio and go to the temple. Elder Bednar promises us protection from the adversary as we do this great work for our ancestors and those who have died. 

I have been in Argentina for 9 months and it has flown by! But I have never grown or learned so much in such a short amount of time. These people, their culture, their lifestyles, their trials, their faith, they all help me learn more about who I want to be and who I should be. They are all comfortable living their lives the best they know how to. Our job as missionaries or members of the church are to help them just live even better! The gospel of Jesus Christ is restored! We have all His teachings once again on the earth and we never have to wonder what to do! We know it is true and we need to help others know it is true also. That comes only through opening our mouths and sharing our testimonies of the goodness of God, our loving Heavenly Father.

Love you all so much!!! Hope you have a great week and can find opportunities to share the gospel with others! <3

Con amor,

Hermana Mobery

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