Monday, September 1, 2014

I Hate Goodbyes But I Love Hellos

Hola Hola (:
            Well, I now have my first official week in the big city again! It was so weird at first going from little Sunchales to big Parana! It was really hard saying goodbye to the members, but I only cried coming home from saying goodbye to Joana. She is basically my third sister. I love her!! But now that I do divisions with the other sisters, I think I get to go back to Sunchales with Hermana Nelson at the end of the transfer! Cross your fingers (: 
But I love Paraná! It is a pretty big city, nothing like Rosario though. It reminds me of an Argentine Los Angeles. Lots of hills, cars, people, shopping. You never get bored and you never go a day without seeing something completely crazy. It's an adventure!  We get a lot of lunches which is really great! And we walk a lotttt which is even greater because that means that by the time we walk home, we have already walked all the food off (; SO this is what happened....there used to be three areas for our ward (yes its a ward and not a branch!!!!). Us, two other hermanas, and two elders. But not enough sisters came in this transfer so they closed the other sisters' area. Which means we have two HUGE areas and it is basically alllll of Parana because the elders area is tiny. I have to learn SOOO much because when we go on transfers, I sometimes have to stay here. I was really stressed in the beginning, but now I'm just enjoying it and will get to really learn how to read a map haha. This last week we spent most of the time visiting the other sisters' investigators and all our recent converts (there is about 11 which is great). We also visited a lot of the members and asked them for help because we don’t know anything, and they gave us so many referrals! I think it is because they feel bad for us and are trying to think of people they know, which is great! This next week is full of appointments of members' friends! This is how missionary work is supposed to be (: 
We ate lunch with one family twice this week. The husband is sooo funny! My first day there, the kids were testing our English and would say a Spanish word and see if we knew it in English. They were so amazed because we knew English so well, haha I don’t think they understood English is our native language (; But the husband also brought out a picture and told me it was him and some family members. Elder Richard G. Scott was in the picture, and at first I was so confused. I thought, ''Wow! I didn’t know Elder Scott had Spanish blood...'' hahahah then they all busted up laughing because it was a joke (: Same old Hermana Moberly! 
We are having a talent show this next week and we have about 3 acts since we are the missionaries haha, I'll let you know how it goes next week! But I think we are going to play heart and soul on the piano with 3 people. There is a recent convert here who shared her testimony with us on tithing. She told us at first she thought it would be so hard because she doesn’t receive a lot of money. But she just does it. Now every week when she gives the Bishop the envelope of money, the next week she receives so much more and she doesn’t understand how, other than God really opens the windows of heaven and poors out blessings upon her and her family. But I loved that. She didn’t know how she was going to pay it, but she just did it. It's the same with us. Sometimes we don’t know how it can be possible to be obedient, but we just need to do it and the Lord will bless us. 
One recent convert also told me that if he didn't know I was from the US he would think I was Argentine by my accent!! WOOHOO!!! But then the day after one investigator told me she couldn’t understand me...haha oh well! We can’t sleep with the heaters on now because it's dangerous so I sleep at night with 2 pairs of pants, a sweatshirt, gloves and two pairs of socks haha. But I don’t get cold, don’t worry Mom (: 
Here in the city horses carry carts down the streets and I feel like it’s the olden days. People sit back in the carts with microphones and call out what they are selling, or they pick up trash haha. Here they have different stores for everything you want to buy. A fruit shop, a pharmacy, a potato shop, etc. SO we have to go to lots of different stores, I miss Walmart and Target haha. We live right by the river and it is so pretty, I will try and get a picture this week! It's beautiful here. We have lots of work and I am happy. It's better that way. Everything is better when you are doing the Lord's work and being obedient. Hna. Rasband is the best!! She works so hard and loves these people so much!! This week we are looking for a family of three and we think we already found them, but we have an appointment on Tuesday, so we will see! But with faith and prayer we can see miracles! I love it here and couldn't be happier. 1 Nephi 4:6, sometimes we may not know the reason why we are called to do things, but if we just do it, the Lord will provide the way and blessings. Love you all so much! Have a great week<3


Hermana Moberly
My new companion, Hermana Rasband August 2014

Meeting Hermana Nelson July 2014

Hermana Zanni, me, Hermana Nelson and President Zanni, July 2014
Incoming Missionaries, July 2014
Mayonnaise on EVERYTHING!

Sunchales Argentina

Parana Argentina

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