Monday, September 15, 2014

Challenge Accepted!

Hola Hola (:
Well, just so you know, once again, this week was amazing. But that's no different than any other week on the mission. When they say it's the best two years, they aren't lying! Hmm where to start!!?? This week was a little rough because we didn't have that much time from traveling and then I may or may not have gotten lost a few times (; I told Hna Rasband I should stay in ParanĂ¡ for divisions so that it would force me to learn the area better. Which it definitely did, but we just had some fun detours along the way. I think one time I accidentally walked outside of our area boundaries. 
We went to Rosario on Wednesday for Leadership Council Meeting. My comp told me it's like Christmas because we get to hear straight from President, and she didn't lie. I learned so much and we received so much revelation for our investigators, how to help them, what they need, etc. So basically even better than Christmas!! I think my favorite part was when we talked about the importance of giving commitments to our investigators. Really, a commitment for anyone is a way for them to act and learn on their own, and then apply those things so that they change. If our purpose as missionaries is to call others to repentance and help them come unto Christ, we NEED to give them commitments. We read in the end of Alma 13 (I can’t remember the verses...) about repentance. In order to repent, we need to humble ourselves, have faith and pray. This requires action. But then the blessings are so much greater! God promises to give us His spirit and we will feel His love. Who doesn't want that? But it isn't just for missionaries and investigators. If any of us want to change and repent, we need to be committed to DO something. 
Our investigators are doing so great!! Nestor is still progressing and came to church again. We taught him the plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ this week. He asked us ''So I can’t be a member of the church until after I am baptized and confirmed then?'' haha exactly! So he is preparing to do just that so he can be a member of Christ's church. (: Brenda didn't come to church again so her date dropped ): We don't really know what to do with her. But we are praying for the strength to be bold and just tell her all of the things she is losing as she doesn't complete the commitments or live the commandments. She is so special and we know that she will get there, because she wants to, it's just helping her complete all the way through. Her mom, Rosa, is so sad that she isn't coming to church. Last week Rosa told us she was reading in 1 Nefi 8 about the tree of life and couldn't help but think of Brenda when Laman and Lemuel wouldn't eat the fruit. She told us she is praying that that won't happen. So we got a lot of praying to do so that Heavenly Father can tell us exactly what it is that is keeping her back. But GERMAN AND ELIN!!!!! We had a lesson with them and we went over the plan of salvation with them also. We talked about the 5 things we need to do in this life to get back to Heavenly Father with our families: faith, repentance, baptism, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. When we said it, German immediately said, ''SO when am I getting baptized??'' AHH! That's what every missionary wants to hear from everyone! haha I was so happy and I think he could see that because he was just looking at me wondering when I was going to answer him (: I was just speechless haha- But him and Elin are both going to get baptized on the 27th with Nestor also. We also had an awesome lesson with a member's friend, Carolina. We talked about the Book of Mormon, and when we asked her to read it, she said ''Give me one week before we meet together again and I'll read it all!'' Well, I wasn't going to tell her no! So she is in the process of reading it all and we will have another lesson with her this week! I just am so surprised every day with all the miracles we are seeing. This place is like Echesortu again! A place of miracles<3
I got to do 2 divisions this week and stayed in my area. Like I already said, we got lost a few times, but we had some pretty great lessons! I even got to be with Hermana Sanders again!!!! We had a great time together! She is having a little bump in the road with her comp, but they are having a lot of success in their area! I'm a proud mommy (; Her Spanish is so great too!! I can't believe she already has been out for 6 months! It feels like just yesterday we were together! 
It POURED for a few days here so I was soaking most of the week. But it’s nice and sunny again today! Some elders challenged us to each eat a kilo of ice cream and we couldn't not do it! 1. We are girls and 2. It is ice cream! So we bought a kilo with 4 different flavors each and ate it all in 40 minutes! They couldn't believe we could do it. It wasn't too bad until the last 5 bites and I almost couldn't finish, but we did and we were so happy! 
I think that's about it! We are happy and working hard. I love it here! Couldn't want anything more! Theme for this week: be patient in your afflictions, because one day you will rest from your labors and the blessings and end will be worth all the bumps in the road! Love you all so much!! Have a great week<3

Con MUCHOOOO amor,

Hermanita Moberly

The beginning of the kilo

The end of the kilo :)
Most of the Leadership Council
Reunited with Hermana Sanders

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