Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Chau Chau Sunchales

Hola Hola!!!!

Well, to start off, thanks you all so much for your prayers this week because we saw miracles. I'll start with the family of four!!! It took a lot of faith and diligence and repentance, but we found them!! On Mondays it's P-day and we don’t have that much time to work because we go to Hnos Hohermuth for a meeting at 7. But we had an extra 30 minutes to contact before. We were trying to think of which street to contact and I thought of Belgrano. Me and Hna Sanders had just recently contacted that before she left so I brushed it aside. But then immediately I remembered that President Zanni told me in my interview to not worry about re-contacting people again so I thought, why not!! We made our way over to the street. The first few houses we were rejected and then finally a girl opened the door and immediately let us in! We entered the house and sat down at the table with a mom and her two daughters. They told us all about their great faith and how they know Jesus is the Savior and He lives. We were so happy! I looked at her finger and she was wearing a ring, but told us that she had been separated and I thought nothing of it. But then a man walked in the house and she said, ''This is my husband''!!!!! No one is ever married here but they are!! We had been praying to find a family of four, where the parents are married and they have two children and we found them!!!! We didn’t have too much time with them, but we invited them to read the restoration pamphlet and we set up an appointment for Friday. We were so surprised at how fast our prayers had been answered but the entire week we were praying for them to be the family, that they would read, and that on Friday we could invite them to be baptized. We went back, and one of the daughters accepted a baptismal date and the mom and other daughter are praying to know if they should be baptized. But it was a miracle! I know that prayers are answered and that when we make a ''pact'' or deal with the Lord, if we keep our part, He will always keep His. 

But, now I have the sad news that I am leaving Sunchales so I won't get to see their progression, but I know that the Lord will help them and Hermana Nelson so that they find the truth. I am going to a city called ParanĂ¡ and all I can think of is the quote from Darla in Finding Nemo, ''I'm a parana, they’re in the amazon'' hahaha so funny! But I was called to be the new sister training leader. I'm kind of freaking out a little because I feel unprepared and nervous, but at the same time I am so excited and ready to help the other sisters in the mission! There are four in the whole mission, two up north, and two down south. So I will have lots of divisions each week and lots of work to do. But bring it on!! Once again, Ether 12:27 is the theme of my life. I'm going to need to be really humble and faithful so that Heavenly Father takes my weaknesses and makes them strengths (;

So, lots happened this week, but that was the highlight! I'm going to miss this place. It really humbled me and made me learn how to truly trust in the Lord. I know that I am nothing now haha. 

Argentine funnies (: The people mop their sidewalks out front, we have to clap outside their doors instead of enter the gates and knock, they eat cough drops as candy (just like I did before so I fit right in haha), no one obeys the traffic rules and so when you are at a stoplight or stop sign, you gotta check each direction about 50 times to make sure it's really okay to cross the street. I've probably said a few of these before, but I can’t remember. But I love it here and am enjoying every piece and moment. Last night in my prayers I asked if I did all I was needed to do here in Sunchales and felt so much peace. It was really hard but I know that Heavenly Father is proud of my work, and that is all that matters. I love that He really listens to our prayers and I know that we can ask Him anything, and if it is specific, he will specifically answer us right back. Be specific and pray always!! Love you all so much!!<3<3 Have a great week and smile and share the gospel with everyone. It really is true.

Con amor,
The Argentine Flag
Hermana Moberly

Service Project in Sunchales

Digging out a water pipe

With Hnos. Hohermuth (I love his horse sweater) ;)

With Sylvana, Elvira and Pia

The trash bin/man statues; you put the trash in their hands :)

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