Monday, August 11, 2014

Here Comes the Sun

Holaaaaaaaa!!!!! (:(:

Well, since last week was so lame, I have plenty to catch you all up on and lots of funny stories too!! I'll start with the people. My people (:

So we found out that we are getting a capilla (we can rent a house for a chapel instead of use the grandparents club)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!! We have all been praying and working so hard for this! So now, we are trying even harder to rescue some of the menos activos, especially the men who have the Melchizedek Priesthood. So lots of invitations and rejections. Haha. But we just need to keep trying and sooner or later they will soften their hearts. Sylvana told us our last lesson with her was so great that she no longer has doubts about baptism. She is still praying, but said that she is now actually thinking about it. We shared with her a talk from Elder Bednar, Spirit of Revelation, and talked about the different type of answers we receive and how the Lord answers us through His spirit. She loved it!

We did service for a less active lady, Carmen. We mopped her floors. But here, they use a squeegee and a wet towel and just push it around. She just handed us the stuff and walked away. We both looked at each other and started laughing because I have no idea what to do with it. SO I just put the towel on the floor and start moving it around, because what else am I supposed to do? Carmen came in and just starts laughing and then takes a picture because she said I was doing it wrong. She fixed it, but it was basically the same thing I was doing...haha but now I can say I know how to mop two different ways. Talent!! The things you learn on the mission (;

WE also visited another less active, Jose and his family. It was a great lesson! We shared 1 Nefi 16:28 about when they were traveling through the wilderness and the liahona, or compass, was guiding them, but it only worked by faith. Then we shared 1 Nefi 18:12-13 about how they lost faith on the boat and the compass stopped working and they were in a storm and needed to be humbled. We compared it to the spirit and prophets. When we have faith and pay attention to the things they tell us, we will never be lost. But as soon as we stop doing the little things and lose faith, we have no guidance. We then asked them if they would pray together as a family, and he told us no!!! So we had an awesome lesson and then he said that. It was really sad so we just testified and then left. We just have to do our part and then the rest is up to them.

Carolina and Pablo are doing so great! They didn't have time to read last week and felt so bad when we stopped by! We taught them the Plan of Salvation. I have pictures to help me teach it, I'll attach the pic, but the dad is kind of chubby and Pablo is too. Pablo thought we made them for his family and started joking that I drew him chubby on purpose! But I've had these pics for my whole mission!! haha It was just funny! He told us after that each time when we leave, he feels so peaceful and feels the need to run over to the church and repent and promise God he will change haha. So at least they are feeling the spirit and have the desire to change. Joana (the recent convert) is changing so much still and she tells us all the time how happy she feels when she reads and can feel the spirit!! She is so special!! 

So, once again, Hermana Hohermuth made jello, but this time she put vegetables in it...gross!!! In Spanish, laying on of hands is inposición de manos, so to Hna Nelson I was telling her in English that after baptism, to receive the Holy Ghost we need the imposition of spanglish is terrible!! No one will be able to understand me haha. Here, to say hi to people, they give you a kiss on the cheek. Even the boys. So all the time we have to tell the boys we can’t and then give them our hands to shake. haha but poor Hna Nelson doesn’t know how to say that very well, and the boys always go for her first and she just pushes back and doesn’t say anything, and the boys keep leaning in until I say something hahaha it’s so funny!! So here is my joke for the day! In Spanish to say I ran, it's yo corrí. So I asked Hna Nelson, ''Hna, how do you say I ran?'' and she said ''Yo corrí'' and then I said, ''No, YO Cory'' hahahah hopefully you understood that, its so funny in real life.... 

Well, that’s about it I think. We are working hard. We need our investigators to come to church, but they still don't understand. This week we are going to teach them comparing the Sabbath day to a plane. Every 30 mins planes are auto corrected to be put back on their path. If they go even 1 degree off the path, eventually they will be far from their destination, so they need the auto correct to put them where they need to go. The same is with us. We need to go to church every week to be put back on the path. Each week we go slightly off and if we miss church, who knows where we will end up in the end. I know that going to church every week is so important and that Heavenly Father really does bless us when we take a few hours out of our Sundays to go up to His house and worship him. Don't ever miss a Sunday of church, because we all need to be auto corrected and put back on the right path to return back to our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Love you all so much!! Have a great week<3<3

Hermana Moberly

We Found Pringles!!
Duck Dynasty Bandaids fix Everything!

Trusting my companion to fix my ear
Spirit family and fat Pablo ;)

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