Monday, May 5, 2014

Wellll....What a Week!

Hola !!

This week was pretty rough...but we made it through!!! It started out great and our whole district came to Sunchales and we contacted. One guy accepted a baptismal date right then! His name is Jonathan and we are going to work with him some more!

So many crazy things happened this week. We both got fevers Tuesday night, Hna Sanders got the stomach flu so we stayed in. Wednesday we went out in the morning and it POURED on us, which made us being sick even worse, but the night was great. We went over to Jorgelina and Toto’s and stressed the importance of praying for the truth and to receive an answer before just completely dropping us. We went over Thursday morning and Jorgelina told us she prayed and she knows it’s true!! MIRACLE! We have been working so hard with them and she finally prayed to know. That's really our whole invitation to people. Pray with sincerity to know if our message is true or not, and if they then know it is true, act on that faith and come closer to Christ. So we did service for them and folded their laundry, underwear and all hahaha. Then they surprised us with an asado!!!!! (Argentine bbq) so good! I didn't even like meat before my mission and now it’s the best thing ever!

So we finished the day great, but in the night Hna Sanders' eye starts to hurt and swell up pretty big. She took a Benadryl and we go to bed. Friday morning. I look over and just am appalled. HER EYE IS HUGE AND CLOSED SHUT!!! I've never seen anything like it and am trying to stay calm not to freak her out. She has this cut on her eyebrow and literally couldn’t open her eye hahaha I have pictures (: So we call the mission mom and she sees pictures and says it’s a spider bite. She has to stay on Ibuprofen and keep a heated cloth on it for 2 days. We couldn’t do anything but it's finally a little better. It was the weirdest thing!! I felt so bad for her, but couldn’t help but be glad it wasn't me...maybe something will happen to me in the week to come to humble me. Bring it on!...knock on wood haha.

So, I actually went out Sat morning with a member to visit some people, which was good. Sunday we went to church and both bore our testimonies about trials. We actually learned a lot about 1 Nephi 8 about the tree of life and the importance it really is to stick to the truth and never lose sight on the importance of the word of God and reading our scriptures every day. It's vital to our salvation and our souls and spirits really NEED that spiritual food every day. SO READ YOUR SCRIPTURES! (:

This next week we are traveling until Wed night! Today we are in Rafaela for pday and one meeting, tomorrow we are going to Parana for another training meeting, and then have visa stuff to do on Wednesday in Rosario! Crazy week! But so fun to travel! Love you all a ton and miss you like crazy! So excited to skype home and see the fam bam again! Make good choices and trust in the lord with all your heart!<3 I'll pray for you if you pray for me (;

Con amor,

Hna Moberly<3

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  1. That's awesome she has a "bring it on" kind of attitude towards trials..haha. I once asked for more trials on my mission because I felt like I was missing something and that same day, it had rained, but while walking next to the road a car swerved and hit a puddle and splashed us. I think it was on purpose. Haha, it was pretty funny. But I don't ask for trials anymore, they tend to come on their own. :)