Monday, April 28, 2014

Hola Otraaaa Vez!

April 28, 2014

Hola Otraaaa Vez (:...that means hello again!

So basically, this last week was full of miracles, happiness, rainbows, and butterflies minus the rainbows and butterflies!!! But, I'll start at the beginning.

TUES: Hermana Arias was so sad to leave and so we finished P-day early to say goodbye to everyone, and one of the less actives invited us in for a BBQ dinner...SO YUMMY!! Hna Arias had to pack and clean so we went to bed about 12:30 AM and had to get up at 2:15 AM to get ready and go to Rosario. We called that night for the taxi to come at 3:30 the next morning so everything would be all taken care of. I was super sick with a cold and super tired, so I took a Benadryl so I could be good for when I met my new companion....BAD IDEA!!!

WEDS: So we were knocked out and at 3:30 AM Hna Arias woke up (that was a miracle) and shouted ''IT'S 3:30!'' So she ran into the shower and I ironed her clothes. We were out of the house at 3:46 and the taxi was luckily still there. We got ready in the bus that left at 4:10....CRAZY morning!!!! And I still felt super sick. We got to the Rosario terminal and I had to leave right away for the mission house, so I quickly said goodbye to Hna Arias and then ran into another taxi. Two of the Elders from my MTC district were there also training and I haven't seen them in 11 months so that was super fun!! (: There were 2 sisters from the states, and 4 latinos and I really didn't care which would be my companion! So after the meetings and training we finally were going to get our trainees and we had a drumroll and everything and I was the first one!! My companion is Hna Sanders and she is from VALENCIA, CALIFORNIA!!!! All I know about Valencia is that that is where Six Flags is (: But she is super sweet, fun, and we get along SOOO great! She is literally the miracle I have been praying for in these last few weeks of trials. So don't give up, because Heavenly Father really answers our prayers in His right timing! Hna Sanders went to LDS Business College for a semester before and is 19 yrs old.

THURS: One of our investigators got a blessing for her health and then we invited her to be baptized! Her name is Maria. She is 80 yrs old and lives with her ''husband'' (not married) who is 54 yrs old...

FRI: This was an AWESOME day! So Thursday we were contacting, and met the radio man for Sunchales and he asked us to come in Friday. SO we went with Hnos. Hohermuth and got to talk on the radio for 30 minutes about what we do, what we believe, etc and it was so much fun!!!! I talked mostly the whole time and they asked alllll sorts of questions (: Then that night we met a couple who listened and so we taught them and now they are new’s! (: So cool, right!?

SAT: We invited (Hna Sanders) Silvia to be baptized and she said yes too! (:

SUN: I taught Gospel Principles, Silvia went to church again, and we had 16 PEOPLE IN CHURCH!!!! (: I think that has been the most since I got here. So everything is changing and progressing and I am so happy here!

My poor companion came in the week where we have no money or food so we have been scraping by each day, but we finally received our money today! We had to use it all to travel to Rosario earlier, but now we actually have something other than rice and tomatos haha. She is getting eaten to death by the mosquitos. We didn't have hot water until this morning (my fault...I forgot I turned down the water heater hahaha). Great welcoming to Argentina (: But we have goals to work really hard and be the best missionaries we can be, so that the Lord will trust us and help us in this wonderful work! Love you all so much! Remember that the Lord loves us and that we were trained before this life. We were among the noble and great ones and we are here for a purpose! D&C 138: 55-56. Have a great week!!

Hermana Moberly

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