Monday, November 25, 2013

Lake Jackson, TX...Six Months Out and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hola (:

Well, I hit my 6 month mark a few days ago, and am still in shock about how fast time flies here! This last week has been SO cold! Who knew Texas dropped below 70 degrees (; Well, this week I had an exchange with a girl who actually is from Oakhurst, California and I told her we go to that ward all the time when we visit Bass Lake! Crazy, small world! But we had a great time, and I couldn't remember where anyone lived since I just got here. I would have been frustrated and upset because we didn't get to see anyone and it was my fault, but she was so sweet and reminded me to stay positive! (: We just rode bikes up and down the streets talking to everyone we saw for 4 hours, and met some really cool people who really need the gospel in their lives. We also stopped by a home where 2 boys are members but stopped going to church, and the younger sister was never baptized. We read her the scripture in John 3:5 that says we must be born of the water and the spirit to enter into the kingdom of God, and right after she asked us if she could be baptized! (: So her date is December 14th! Also, here in Lake Jackson they have a Festival of Lights every year and so now all the lights are decorated with Christmas lights and it finally feels like Christmas! (: It also helps that it's only 40 degrees.

So, spiritual thought for today is on repentance. In Alma 36 Alma talks about how horrible he felt when he sinned, but compares it to the joy he felt when he repented and changed. He says for 3 days and 3 nights he was racked with torment and then he finally went to the Lord for help and forgiveness. It's the exact same with us. How many of us have experienced the same torment Alma expressed when we sin and disobey God, but how great does it feel when we are forgiven and our sins are remembered no more? Sometimes I think we put off going to the Lord and we willingly stay in torment for 3 days, 3 months, 3 years, whatever it may be. But I know that as soon as we go to the Lord, He has the healing power to give us peace. So don't put off repentance. It is a blessing we have been given, and I know that it works. The Savior is the only one who can save us from sin. One sin, and we can no longer live with Heavenly Father again. I know peace and joy come from repentance! I re-learned this last week at a zone meeting and wanted to share it with you (: Hope you all have a great week, and Thanksgiving! I love you so much and am thankful for your letters, prayers, and examples<3 Don't forget to show your gratitude for Heavenly Father and for the blessings He has given you either!

Hermana Moberly (:

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