Monday, November 18, 2013

Lake Jackson, Nov 18, 2013 6 Months Out

November 18, 2013

Hola todos! <3

         I feel like I just wrote an email...this week flew by! But it was a great and busy one, which are the best (: I was chased by an evil Chihuahua all the way down the street and thought I was doomed. Haha I wish I got a video of it because now it's funny and I'm sure I looked ridiculous (: But we also began teaching English classes and had one student which was one more than we had in my last area!!

Sunday was the best day of the week and we had Branch Conference and had 4 investigators come to church!! Then afterwards, Sorena (15) was baptized. I only got to teach her a few times, but we are already super good friends! Her dad was baptized 3 weeks ago and got to baptize her too!! She was so happy which make everything out here worth it!

Oh! And Friday we had zone conference which is always the best!! I was reminded of how important it is to always do the Lord's will before our own. A lot of the time we think we know best and we forget that we have an All-Knowing Father who really knows better than anyone else. He is always listening and watching out for us, but a lot of the time we forget to include Him in our lives. But remember that He will always have the answers and even when His answers seem scary or impossible, remember that nothing is impossible with God and that He will always know better than ourselves.

There is a ton of work to do down here in Lake Jackson, but every day I come home ready for bed and at least I know I worked my hardest. It's like when Jesus fed the 5,000 and afterwards there were 12 baskets left. When we empty our baskets each day, the next morning when we wake up, there will always be a full basket waiting for us. We don't have to do anything but our best each day, and the Lord will always provide blessings or the ability and strength to get up the next day and do the same again. I hope you all have a great week and know I love and pray for you! Stay faithful and choose the right<3

Hermana Moberly



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