Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lake Jackson, TX November 2013 **New Address**

Hola todos!!
        Well, now I am in Lake Jackson, Texas....no idea where that is on the map! But these last few days have definitely been adventurous! We had transfer meeting on Wednesday and then we were about to leave and Hermana Parra (my new companion from Mexico City) asked me if I could drive. Since I am a visa waiter, I was not allowed to drive, but her license is from Mexico so she can't drive either! So we were in the mission office for 2 hours trying to find my driving record online and then I finally got approval to drive home. We have a Jeep Compass and it's so much fun!! I get to drive everywhere and I love it! (:

My area is called Brazoria North and we have SO much work to do here. Our branch is really small and we need to help build it up as much as we can. I was asked to bear my testimony in church Sunday as well so at least my Spanish is growing too! I love Spanish and am so happy I wasn't called English speaking like I wanted.

Well, Hermano Martinez was baptized last Thursday and it was amazing! He was so happy and they actually had to do it 3 times to make sure it was perfect. After he told us, "Not 1 time, but 3 times! I'm extra clean now!" Haha he's so great! He will receive the priesthood in a few weeks and wants to go to the temple as soon as possible too.

I went to Kemah/Galveston on an exchange on Friday! (: It's really nice down there, a lot like California...minus there are no mountains! But it was fun. But I'm doing great and love my new area and the people here! I know that as I work with all my heart and be obedient, the Lord will use us as His insturments in helping others come unto Him. there is only faith in the future. Love you all so much and hope you have a great week<3

Con amor, Hermana Moberly

New address:
Hermana Moberly
110 Lake Road #612  
Lake Jackson, TX 77566

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