Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013 The Tender Mercy of the Cows ;)

Hola Hola (:

Not much to talk about this week, it was a little rough! But that's okay because sometimes we have to go through hard times so that we can come out stronger and ready for something even greater later on! Nothing too hard, I was feeling a lot better on Monday, so we went to Brazos State Park and got to see real live alligators! It was awesome! You just walk around the lakes on the dirt paths, and then boom! There's an alligator right next to the trail. It's actually really dangerous...but it was fun (: I'll send some pictures! Some of the elders we went with actually touched a tail...just being boys.

But then I woke up Tuesday morning and was SO SICK! Me and Hermana Kennedy were both sick all week and the mission nurse told us to just rest and take it easy so that we could get better faster. So we would lie in bed and sleep a lot and then we would eventually feel good enough to get up and go see some people, then go home and sleep some more. I felt really lazy and tired all the time, but I can't remember the last time I felt that sick. But I'm all better now! It was just really sad to see our numbers from the visits we had. They weren't as good as we expected. But then I was studying the scriptures this morning and I remembered that the Lord will take what we give Him and work with it. So, I'm just ready to work extra hard this week!

It's our last week of the transfer and I just sent president an email asking if I could stay with my companions for at least one more transfer (: We are so close to seeing all of our people finally commit to baptism! They know it's true, but there are a lot of little and unimportant things that get in their way. It's like that for all of us though. We have so many little things that blind us from the path we should be taking. Sometimes we forget to read our scriptures, sometimes we don't say our prayers, or don't help the neighbors take their trashcans up. Just lots of little things that if we did all the time, would help bless and uplift our spirits so much more. In Ether, I read that the brother of Jared forgot to pray four 4 years!!! Then the Lord came and chastened him for three hours! I thought how could he be so forgetful…to have just been saved from the Tower of Babel, be led out of the wilderness, and then forget to pray for four whole years! But we do this all the time! We forget to do the little and simple things, and then the Lord has to come chasten or humble us. And sometimes, He will chasten us for 3 whole hours. These are sometimes the trials that we experience-they are given to us to help us remember the Lord and to wake us up! So I know that the mission is going to be hard, it will be a constant trial. But I also know that I am going to come out of it so much stronger. Hermana Kennedy says that we come to the mission as gold. But the mission is the refiner's fire, we go through it and experience really tough things so that we can be broken down to nothing and recognize our nothingness, but then we come out completely pure gold with a lot less impurities than we had when we began. But it's not just on the mission, it's our entire lives. So don't be discouraged when you go through hard times (: Heavenly Father will never leave us alone.

Other than being sick, nothing really happened! One miracle! We were teaching a woman who had been coming to church and wants to be baptized, but has to get married first, and her husband doesn't want to. So we taught both of them the Restoration again, and then decided to sing "Joseph Smith's First Prayer". Unfortunately...I had lost my voice and it's the highest song in the hymn book, but whatever (; Then we asked her to kneel down right then and there and ask if these things were true, if Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and if she should join the church. She did it and was super nervous. She was sweating and was really uncomfortable, but after the prayer she just started crying. I told her that when I feel the spirit or receive an answer to my prayers, I cry too. So then she just knew! We asked her if there was anything else we could do for her, but she said we had already done it (: It was the best experience so far! The spirit was so strong! So everyone is still progressing, just slowly! But everything will work out in the Lord's own timing! That's all I have for this week! If you can, just pray for my investigators that they will have their eyes opened and keep wanting to learn more! Thanks so much and Love you all! hope you have a great week!!! Shout out to Mama Broberg this week! Happy Birthday<3 Love you<3

Hermana Moberly

PS-OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  I forgot to tell you that on Wednesday (I was still really sick) we told the Bishop's wife we would do service for her and clean her house. But each month we only get a certain amount of miles, and we were already over. So we couldn't use the car and had to walk to her house in 100 degree weather for about 5 or 6 miles. I was literally sweating from every pore and it was really hard, especially being so weak from being sick! But we did it and got there then cleaned her house for an hour. Luckily, we didn't have to walk back! But it was sooo hard! haha good memories though, and that's when I saw the cows for my first time! (: I was so excited because I have only ever seen them from inside a car! Tender mercy right there (; haha Love y’all and hope you have a great week<3



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