Monday, August 12, 2013

Staying 6 More Weeks in Missouri City, TX

Hola everyone!

I can't believe it's my second transfer in Texas! It goes by way to fast! But good news!! I am staying with my companions and in the same area for another 6 weeks! Our people are so ready and are so close so we are SOO excited that we get to stay here and work with them for another 6 weeks! Well, it was another busy week...we now have 4 people with baptismal dates, it's just so hard to get them baptized because most of them need to get married first and none of the men want to. But we helped one of the women act on her faith and choose a date anyways because I know that when we show Heavenly Father our desires and act in faith, that is when we see miracles and receive blessings. So we will be working with her and her husband a lot the next few weeks.

Then one night we actually got to talk to one of the elders' investigators because she was at the church building and wanted to have some girl talk (: So we just asked her some questions and she wasn't sure if she knew it was all true. We had her kneel down and pray and as soon as she was done she got up and said she wanted to get baptized on the 16th of August. So she isn't our investigator, but it was awesome to help her recognize the answers of the spirit. She actually got married on Saturday so we all went to that which was outside the church. It was really fun and we all dressed up nice and got to spend more time with the ward members. Fun fact: there is a huge forest behind the church and we always heard that wild boar lived back there and we actually saw 5 at the wedding! They are HUGE!! And really ugly haha but it was cool.

We taught a lesson last week with a new couple and they are so religious and love Christ and are so willing to listen to us. They have a little trouble understanding and believing the Restoration, but we are going to go back and teach them some more. It was so different though because I said the closing prayer and as I was saying it, they were just praising the Lord out loud and so I just kept going and I was trying not to laugh because I would say something and they would be like, "Yes Lord, thank you!!" so it was a different experience for me, haha but they are great people!

One day we went over to visit the lady who has been investigating for 20 years and she has a daughter with a disease where she just started slowly dying when she turned 14. She is now 28 and can't do anything and just lies in bed. But we went over and braided her hair and painted her nails so that was really fun. It reminded me of all the times Christ spent with the sick and afflicted, just serving and loving them and it helped me remember that I get to literally represent Jesus Christ as a missionary and can love and serve other people.

So we had a really great week! Lots of fun (: Oh! In order to save miles for the car, we rode bikes one day and little did we know that it was going to be one of the hottest days we would ever have!! It was 115 degrees and we had to ride about 5 miles to our investigators house down the highway because apparently Texas doesn't believe in sidewalks haha but we had fun! We saw some more cows on the way home so of course, I had to stop and take a picture! We were just about to leave and a cop came over with his lights on asking us what we were doing. Hermana Kennedy said, "Well we were riding our bikes, and she wanted a picture with the cows. She is from California." haha so he let us go (:

So lots of fun and memorable experiences this week! I hope you are all having a great week too and are ready to go back to school! Woohoo (: Enjoy your week and remember to be good examples to the people around you<3

 Love y’all!!

Hermana Moberly
PS...And she says Texas has stolen her heart! :)
 Tres Hermana's at a Wedding
More Cows :)

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