Monday, September 23, 2013

4 Months and Staying in Missouri City for Now

Hola mis queridos (:

This week was so fun and great! It was really hard too, but a lot of cool things happened! We did a lot of service and helped paint a member's bedroom from black to yellow, we visited our investigator Samantha in the hospital after she just had her baby, Emilio, and I went on an exchange to a bike area in the middle of a tropical storm! I went to Brazos on Friday and it was raining so much!! The streets were flooding but we still went out and one time, a car drove by and splashed a HUGE puddle all over me. People are so nice haha. But we eventually couldn't see anything because it was so dark so we stopped at a women's home/hospital where a member lives and she let us in. So we sat and talked to her drying off with towels until the rain softened up. So it was an adventure and I had a lot of fun! (: Then yesterday we were all having a rough morning because we weren't able to meet some of our weekly goals, and then I saw huge tender mercies and know the Lord loves me!! I was at church, waiting for it to start, and we got a call from Hno. Martinez! He told us he was on his way to the church and would be there in five minutes!! We were soooo happy that we group hugged and started crying, haha we're such girls (; As we were waiting outside for him, one of the elders came out and told me my aunt was inside! What the heck?? I was so surprised so I went in, and Aunt Eileen was there with one of her friends! It was the best surprise ever!! It was so good to see her, and then they stayed for sacrament meeting! I wish I knew more Spanish so that I could translate for them, but the elders did it so that we could focus more on Hno. Martinez being there. It was the best day ever!!! And then this morning, I found out that I get to stay in my area for another transfer and I am so happy!! Unfortunately, Hermana Johnson is leaving, but I am so excited to stay with these people, at least until my visa comes which should be soon!

We are having our first baptism on Sunday and I am so happy! He is a 9 year old boy whose family are all members. Rosalba should be baptized on Thursday, but she couldn't get her boyfriend to either marry her or move out and so we are still praying really hard that the Lord will soften his heart and she will be able to be baptized. It will day (: But I'm done being a trainee, so that's why I have a stick of gum that says "it's a girl" (: It was my graduation gift from Hermana Kennedy haha. So we had a really awesome week and I can't wait to stay here in Missouri City and keep working hard. I know that as we pray in faith, the Lord will answer our prayers and do His part (Mosiah 27:14 and Alma 31:38).

One of the things that kept coming up in my studies this week was the importance of family prayer. When Christ came to the Americas, in 3 Nephi 18, He commanded the people to pray in families, and even today prophets have counseled us to study the scriptures and pray together in families. I know that as we are obedient and strengthen our families and homes, the adversary will not be able to dwell within or have control over our hearts. Keep the commandments and always keep your eye on the prophet! I love you and hope you have a great week! Y'all are in my prayers<3

xoxo mucho amor,

Hermana Moberly
Aunt Eileen Peterson

Not a trainee anymore

Tropical storm

Peace out, homies...

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