Monday, July 15, 2013

Week Numero Dos In Houston

Hola everyone!!

          Man oh man do I have stories for you!! I have a list of stories I want to tell you, so here are some things that have happened:
          So we are teaching a less active member (I think I mentioned him last week, he used to be a member of the Seventy, but now he doesn't remember anything because he hasn't gone to church for 20 years) but we go over every Wednesday night. We have an inside joke about him because when he talks in English, he kind of sounds like Count Dracula so we call him a vampire and he lives all alone in a HUGE mansion. And he always gives us pizza or ice cream when we come over so it's like a party! But anyways, he has a huge theater room in his mansion and the other night we watched the Restoration movie with him and for the first time ever, he actually started asking us questions and so now we are going to start all over and teach him all the lessons again. He is so nice, and I really hope that we can help him find his testimony again!
Next, We have seen SO SO SO SO many miracles this week! We got a letter from the mission president last week with a list of things to do to gain grace and mercy and the last step was to stand still and let the Lord do his part of the work. In D&C 123:17 it says "Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power, and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance to see the salvaton of God, and for his arm to be revealed." So we made a goal and studied how we could stand still all week! We decided that we can only do so much and can't expect to do this work alone. So as we sat in the lessons this week, we really just sat and talked to the people and then all of the sudden, we would ask them to show their faith and choose baptismal dates and they kept saying 'No, I don't want to prepare yet, I'm not ready". We would just bear our testimonies one more time and then they would say "Okay! How about..." and choose their own dates!! It happened twice with two investigators that have been so hard to work with! But now we have four people preparing to be baptized and it's so amazing to see that this really is the Lord's work, and we don't do anything except to be worthy tools He can work through.
 One of the ways that we sacrificed this week was through a fast. And it wasn't a fast from food, it was a fast from ENGLISH!! We got a call from the district leaders Wednesday night and said our district was going to do an English fast starting that night until Monday morning!!! So right after the phone call, we got on our knees and asked Heavenly Father to help us stand still, and see His hand extend out towards the people we teach, because we really needed His help. So I haven't spoken one bit of English until this Morning since Wednesday night! It was the longest four days of my life, but I learned so much and know that we would not have been so successful with our investigators this week without that fast. So I am very grateful for English, to say the least haha.
Funny story now...we teach a lady in her 60s and she has been investigating the church for about 20 years now. She doesn't want to be baptized yet because she needs to marry her "husband" who is in Mexico right now trying to divorce his wife over there. There are so many crazy things going on, but anyways, we go over there and do service on Fridays. This Friday, she wanted us to mow her lawn but her machine was broken. We know a member who lives close by (we thought it was close by) and so we went over there, asked to borrow her lawn mower, and since we have a small car, we walked it back to Edith's house. It was over 100 degrees and we just walked it down the highway for about a mile haha then mowed her lawn (it was my first time!!) and then walked it back. Haha the things we do out of love! Since being here in Texas, I can now say that service is my new favorite hobby! It makes the people you serve so happy and it helps us gain their trust and then we can share a message with them! The other night, we did another service project for a single mother in our ward and we had a wheelbarrow and some shovels and helped her plant a garden. It's so fun to help these people and it's really another way to help them see the Lord's love through us. But it's really hot here, it rains for about 5 seconds, then stops again. I see lightning every day, I haven't heard thunder, but I absolutely love it here and don't want to leave!
           I hope you are all doing so great and are enjoying the summer! Someone told me California broke it's record on the hottest day but they weren't sure which part. Hope it wasn't home! But keep being good examples and help the missionaries! Give them references, because I have learned that it is pretty much impossible to work without the help of the members! We don't have time to find people, but we need to be teaching. I hope you have a great week and choose the right! Love you so much<3

Hasta Luego,
Hermana Moberly<3

We stopped to get snow cones one day right before a lesson, but our teeth and tongues were stained bright red!!!
                   Hay bales on the side of the road....reminds me of car trips up to Bass Lake, CA

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