Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Letter from the MTC!

May 22, 2013

Mi Familia! <3

     So, I won't get any letters until tomorrow, but I wanted to write to you tonight and let you know how I was doing! :) I LOVE IT!! So far, it is really busy, but they say by the end of this week we will know what we are doing.  I won't get a P-day until next Thursday, but I can write any time I am free. 
     So I got here and put my bags in, then went straight to class.  I met my district, they are so nice and I will love spending all my time with them.  So my companions are Hermana Garrett and Hermana Helms.  We are in a threesome.  They are so nice and I know that they will be amazing missionaries.  We then went to a meeting where the MTC Presidency welcomed us.  They are so nice and I hope I get to meet them and get to know them better. 
     Then dinner time!!! I saw Elder Mosley, Elder Wolf, Elder Murphy and so many friends from school and EFY groups! But then I saw Curtis!!! :) I couldn't hug him, but I was so happy and I cried! But you'll never believe this...HE IS MY ZONE LEADER!!! He leaves for Mexico on Monday so I will only see him for a few days. But we were so excited! What are the chances?
     Well, then I practiced teaching investigators in a big group, but I got called on to talk about church meetings.  It was a little intimidating, but I think I did okay.  It really made me realize how real this is and how ready we must be to allow the spirit to guide us.  I read earlier today in D&C 128:22 that we must "go forward and not backward. Courage, brethren; and on, on to the victory!"  So I will just keep on going forward and learn as I work.
     I miss you all and love you so much.  Time will go by so fast, so just keep sending me letters and praying for me!  Thanks in advance for the letters I will get tomorrow!! Oh, and Dad, I asked if they (Curtis and Nathaniel) had been getting my letters and they said yes, it's just hard to find the time to write everyone back in one week.  Well, I love you all so much and can't wait to hear how home life is.  "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina!" It's been stuck in my head all day...

Love Always,
Hermana Moberly <3

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