Monday, February 17, 2014

Goodbye Echesortu, Hello Sunchales

Hola a todos! (:
          Wow! What a week! I feel like every week just flies by and I never can separate the days because it feels like one! But this week was an AMAZING last week in Echesortu! Unfortunately, I received a surprise call yesterday morning and today I am leaving for another area far far away in Sunchales. But I get to finish training a sister from Peru and we have LOTS of work to do!! We will be working in a super small branch, without a church building. But I heard it is beautiful and much less dangerous than the city I have been in (:
          But this last week I was able to learn and grow so much! Once again, the Lord really blessed us with miracles every day! We were able to invite two people to be baptized. One is a lady named Ruth who was taught by missionaries before and couldn’t find them again when she moved here! But we found her and she loves us so much! Her testimony is already super strong! We were also able to find two other new investigators, one from Haiti who is awesome and has so many questions about why we are here, where are we going after this life, and all that jazz! So awesome because guess what!? We have all the answers (:
          Unfortunately, I won't be able to update you on all of these amazing prepared people, but it’s okay because the Lord needs me in a new area now. Hermana Smith was such a blessing too. She helped me so much and we were able to work so well and hard together. We will be friends for forever. I will always look back on the time I had in Echesortu and remember how clearly we were being led by the Lord's hand. I have such a testimony that this is the Lord's work. We do nothing out here! I don't know how to help people with their problems because I am 20 and barely know anything about this life! But luckily, there is someone who knows. Luckily I represent the Lord Jesus Christ and I can purely testify of His healing power and love for each person individually so that they can receive the help and answers they need. I love this work!
         Sorry this is so short! I have to leave and travel for the next 6 hours. But just know that I know that this church is true and that as we open our mouths and share what we know with others, they will be able to feel of our love and the love their Heavenly Father has for them too. Have a great week! Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you so much for your love and prayers and support! Chao<3

Con amor,
Hermana Moberly
                                                         <3Goodbye to Hermana Smith<3

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